The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 8

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Episode 8
Ibidun: ***whtsapp message*** hi dear. Where r u?

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***Showing the phone to my friend,**

Me: can you see? She like to trouble person.

Floxy: answer am nah. So, she done turn trouble maker abi? Wen you dey looking for bleepin and used me den. She no dey trouble.

Me: you won’t understand.

Floxy: just answer am.

I replied her wastapp msg;

Me: I dey ooo sweetie. I dey with my guys in my hood.

Ibidun: can you please starting coming over now????

Me: where you dey? Shop or home?

Ibidun: home…

Me: wetin you dey for home for nw?

Ibidun: nah my sister go to shop jare. I just say make I wash my clothes. And I wan you come. Must i be asking you to come ganself. I thought we talked about this yesterday na. Why you never call?

Me: haaaa,

Ibidun: what? You no wan come abi?

Me: noooo. Ok! I will come.

Ibidun: now… No take lng.

I dropped my phone inside pocket.

Floxy: wetin she talk?

Me: she say she wan see me nah.

Floxy: den go meet her nah. U only have today with her nah.

Though, ibidun house from mine is only a stone throw but I dun wan waste my time, neither do I care to listen to heart touching words for my life, should in case she too tryin to lure me into her den.

I took style buy one packet of ruff-rider. Shoved it in inside my wallet. I joined d bike #50 to her place. As I reached the place, I knocked the gate. After like two minute she came over to open it. I tried strain my neck only to figure out who dey house.

She notice my reaction:

Ibidun: nobody at home. Scare not.

Me: how?

Ibidun: I can see you…” Your mood!

Me: meeee? Haaaaa, I laugh.

She led me inside and asked me to sit on the three sitter directly opposite the their tv.

After some minutes she cam back with a bottle of lacasera and joven.

I asked her where she got the joven and she proclaimed of bringin it from shop:

Me: so, you dey take wine?

Ibidun: noooo… I jus brought it home for you to celebrate your admission and I don’t know if you would like it.

Me: tho. I have never taken that product before. But make I try it nah. She opens lacasera, pour it inside glass cup added half glass cup of joven inside it.

Sitting on my lap and begin feeding me with it. I have forgoten that I haven’t taken much food since mornin and I begin to take the drink ‘laca-joven mixture’ like a food. After 15 minute of taking the drink with mind set of not ready to have S£x.

She discovered unrespond in my mood. She robbed my body, using her bossom pressing my body at interval. I stil responded not. She stood up walk into dvd player and slotted in beyonce album.
Come see how she dey dance before me. Tweaking her bumbum in form of dance poll.

As I dey look wondering in my mind where she learnt those moves. Then, my mind popped up again:

***mind2: this girl nah realy slot***

She begin to unhook the gown, bumshot, she wore and threw it to me. Making a turn around body in an angle 360 degree on d same spot. Bending her ass towards my direction. Like a magic, I wasn’t knw where I was again.

Honesly, lacasera mixed with joven are the best badest aphrodisiac I have ever taken in my life. Tho it was not her dancing that pops my head. It was d unrecommend combination of over-dosage drink I took that made me notice a strong hard jack in my boxer.

*****I thought at first that it was a child play. Until when ibidun wanted to drain my river Niger.****



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