The professional sexmaker (18+) episode 9

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Episode 9
She move closer to me unclad and place my head between her bossom and I begin to lick the middle. I put my hand at the bumbum and twisting it, holding her already hard bossom and she begin to moan. I quickly unhook the botton of my shirt. Even I don’t know what was controlling me at that period. My mood double charge like 250 voltage power running through the circuits of my system. She removes her pant and asked me if I like her new shave punany hair style. I nooded lik agama lizard. Even though, i never sure if i get the question she asked correctly. But, by pointing into her neat clean shave punany’s direction. I converted the sign-language to spoken words. She then said most socking thing have ever heard In my life… Or let say i hear it, but never been directed to by anyone, not even chika whose oppened my eyes to reality if S£x…
She said:

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Ibidun: j-tee make me clean!!!!!

Me: ***streching my eyes before seen and said code-mixing grammar*** kín lò speak!!!!

Ibidun: *** smiling**** suck my pu$$¥….

****with a pursue look on my face and rasacking my brain uf i got the words correctly again***

That is what I always wanted to do with you; ‘she added.

****I quickly remember the lyric; “iranu”, “abasa”. emi j-tee, baba shoki. Ki ma ladi, ki ma jedi***

to my utmost surprise:

**** “intro that I should have made in sooki(simple) by sayin simple NO, I come dey drag words too far***

Before I could utter a word in my drunking master mode…, she has already bend my head under her punny. I felt pre-cum on my mouth. It tasted like Orijin bear. I dont know if the mixture of jaca-joven that made it taste like that or Ibidun use something to wash her punany, cause i realy cant trust the girl again with my drunking master state…
Then, i begin to rim the clitoris tongue. sucking the pre-cum and she was also holding my head as if make I enter where I take come earth. She already lost in ecstasy of pleasure. She begin to mouan; hooooo, huuuu, haaaa, suck me, eat me raw, spoil my womanliness, let me dry. So funny, she even spark my ass…. Like an army obey the war, and just like corper obey the clarion, I was doing it faster.

***like a young babe*** i started Sucking the pre-cum and hope to leavin the place almost dry. The more I was sucking it, the more the juice continue to coming down to my mouth, gosh. I den realised what chyka told me that when a woman has multiple wet, that is when she reaches organism. With wat I can sense under ibidun. she already had multiple organism. The more I suck the juice the more enomous juice coming down.

Chai, It get to a level when she want to suffocate me with cunt. After 30 minutes of sucking the punny, she squirt all over my face. By this period, I have become almost like a wild animal. I dont know what i was doing again. I dont know what was directing me. I became half human, half dog. I gather all her cum on my mouth an pour it back to her mouth. We kiss like 5 minutes aftermath. She asked me to stand up and led my way into the room. With the way I was being directed, there is no gain say that I was under the influence of drug-abuse.

There are two-sitter-chairs inside the room. I sat on one of it. I reach my bocket to pick out the ruff-rider I brought on my way coming. She saw me wanted to wear cd. She quickly colected the it from my hand. I thought at first may be she wanted to wear it for me, rather, she shovelled it at the back of chiar.

I asked: *****with tired and drunken vouce**** why babe? Let use nylon of protextion na…

She reply by saying; I wan flesh to flesh this time.

Me: *****drunken mode****** Noooooo,……

Before I could say jack robinson and continue with my protest, She came ontop of me inform of cow-girl, but rather in a sitting position. She slot my rod inside of her, slowly, and begin to move up and down. Rolling her ass ontop my lag and dance like okoto. She statrted saying munbo-jumbo and scream ontop of her voice. Huuuu, yeaaaaa, yyeaaaaa babe, fu¢k me, fu¢k me…**can’t help it. I was dump and just stare with my half human and half drunken master mood.
Immediately my head pick up what I thought before made my way to her place;
mind1: you see? I told you she wan disturb you education so.
Mind2: you right oooo… So nah this way she wan take finish me sah.
Mind1: if you impregante her, you finish.
Mind2: **eyes open widely** never, ***shaking my head vigorously*** I must no release inside her ni.

**shrugged my shoulder**

Sebi she think she wise sey, I wise past;
I tot She don’t even bother about my mood as she was Giving me the best short of my life. She is moaning: jerry you are the best. Hooouch, yeeeee, yeeeeeaaa, yeeees babe, fuxk meeeee, spoil my pusssy, show me you know how to do it better, please make the place dry. twerking her waist, the laps making some sound: kpa-kpa-kap.

****Wetin man go do? ****

I sha holding her hip to brace myself up. fu¢k me, fu¢k me babe. Give me fu¢k of my life. Was all I could hear coming out from ibidun.

As I was hearing all these jargons form her mouth. Just like a motivated tone. I begin to give her the fu¢k of her life too, even though, I wasn’t sure if i was the one using on such display. I Moved my body up soooo high to hit the datum and bottom of her punany. fu¢k the corner of her pu$$¥. I was sweating. I was breathing heaving. Pounding beneath her. I was fu¢king her so hard. Her kitty-cat wetness was helping the smoothness of jacking. ****while my mind begin to ask myself: sey nah me be this?**** because of ever dynamic hard thrust and efforts i dey put in jacking up.

After 5 minutes. We went to bed and start over again in a missionary style. That one last for 15 minutes. It get to level where I was asking myself: “won’t I cum”? ****infact joven is a bad achoholic aphrodisiac ever***

Instead, the sensation continue to build up.

****Haaaaaa…. IBIDUN, I hope she won’t kill me here today; “my mind pronounced”****

To be continued 

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