The professional sexmaker episode 4

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Episode 4
The message work like seriously. I was on the field playing footbal when she called, while my friend watching. My friend rushed down to field:

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Flixy: heeeeee, stooooooooppppp!!!!!

Me: you dey crazy ni? Why you come enter field like that?

Floxy: ***showing his midle finger**** fu¢k you?

Me: ***laughing** you want to die?

Floxy: ****showing me his fone**** murumuring: Ibidun!!!!

Me: whaaaaatttt?

Phone dropped from conection. After some seconds she called back:

Floxy: ***murmuring*** what should I tell her?

Me: ***making a cross sigh with my hands*** murmuring: i’m not here!

Floxy: ***shaking head, while placing phone on hear*** helo Ibi…

Ibidun:***on phone*** hello floxy, where are you?

Floxy: i dey field… wetin happen?

Ibidun: i have been trying his number but switch off.

Floxy: i told you he is sick.

Me:****making sigh of ok with my finger****

Ibidun: what should I do now?

Floxy: how do you mean?

Ibidun: i thought if you come and pick me. So, to know how he is doing?

Floxy: ***thinking for a moment*** it wont be ok to be waiting for me before you can go there. Cause i might liikely late before i finish the training. And i can’t come with my jarsen and booth on. I guess You can go by urself. I think that will be way too better. If you late to see him, it will look as if you are not care at al…

Me: ***giving the sign of ok!*****

Ibidun: you are right!

Floxy: by any chance, do you know his house?

Ibidun: not really… i have never been there before!

Floxy: whatttt? How come? Do you guy really in love?

Ibidun: yes now, why asking?

Floxy: i dont think so… how come you never know where is coming to see you?

Ibidun: it is not like that!

Floxy: so, like what? That means you never serious about him.

Ibidun: i really do.

Floxy: by just saying abi? It is easy saying than do. You better adjust.

Ibidun: ok, i heard you. can you send me a direction to his house then?

Fooxy: ok! Let me draft it.

****phone dropped from connection******

Floxy: start going home as i am drafting the message.

Me: ok boss!!!!

Quickly, I found my way to home. Took a bucket of water to bathroom. Pour evrytin at once. I switch-on my phone. Put it on for incoming-call-barring and on data. As i was cleaning my body. Whatsapp message enter:

Me:***picking it and on whatsapp****

::::::Msg from floxy D:::::

Floxy: ***whatsapp msg*** i done send direction ooo, i even told her that nah only you dey inside as stepmummy done go work. So, she might likely come inside directly.

Me:***reply** ok!

Floxy: ***replied*** stay in door. I told her your room location tooo

Me: ok baba. You get mouth.

Floxy: go on chairmooo. Brake the jinx for me today.

Me: ok baba.

Floxy: i gbadun you***logged off whatsapp***

Me: ***logged off too and switched my phone off again****

***On my bed forming sickler*** after 5 minutes, I heald a knock on the door. I sah twisted my body like a snake on the bed. Shaking like a flag. She found her way inside room, sat beside me on bed and begining panicking:

Ibidun: what happen? What wrong? Why?

Me:***still shaking** i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i haveeeeee cooooooold.

Touching my head, touching my neck… Rubbing my back. By this time kongi done caught me. If I don’t give him its food. Honestly they will announce the death of a young boy that died of kongi. While she continue to touch my body to figure out how the temperature of my body be.
I dey rehearsal what will I do to go down low.
How will I come about it?
If she later figure out all nah lie, she may vex ooo; my mind tell me. Another one said; wetin concern you wit vex?
I say make you chop the tin you wan chop first. Remain” nah story for god sey.
I sah stylish touch her hand placing it on my chest. She had no clue of what I was doing. She thought it is a sign of relief for the sickler like me, and otherwise for me; it is a way of deuce the fire underneath my boxer. I moved my second hand across her cleavage to hold on to that hip. I was creasin the hip, …up and down. I don’t knw what came over me. Immediately, I place my mouth on her own and begin kissing her. She responded for like 5 minutes, but later move it aside and hold my neck with her hand.
She said; this can’t help, you know?
At first I became dump and found it difficult to find the right answer in my dictionary.
I then came up with idea:

Me: I think I might have need this for lng, that is why I have not been myself.

Ibidun: need what??? …laughing… how????

Me: i mean youu? Seing you by my side. I feel ontop of my world.

Ibidun: hmmm, why you guy like to lie like this? Having something like this don’t solve some1 problem rather add to it. And by looking at your condition you don’t need this at all. It is detrimental to your health.

Me: whattttttt? …hmmmm, sha hold me and leave the story. It can never be a detrimental to my health.

Ibidun: laughing, ***lookin at me like: ‘I knw notin happen to you, you jus lured me here’*** well, this is normal. But I don’t tink you need this type of strategy at al!

Me: ***puting on a show***** whattttt? How do you mean????

Ibidun: sah forget eeee… I am about to go.

Haaaa, “sangba fooo”, wetin make I do now?

Of course, I have no clue. she stood up. I stood up too. She pick her bag on the ground, turn her back on me and ready to go.
*****i don’t know where the got came from*****”
Like a wrestler hold his opponent, I held her hand from behind, I made her rotate at the angle of 180 degree. And whisper into her ear:
****at least blow me a little kiss before you go then***
she shrugged and raised two fingers up to indicate a sign of 2 minutes only. I quickly grab her bumbum smooching it. Kissing her neck. moving my hands from bumbum to bossom smooching, handling, rimming. She adjust her boobs by pressing it outwards.
***i smile inside***
I turned my hand to the back of the gown she wore, found my hand over the zip at the adjacent of her backneck. Drew it down to the middle of her back. Placed one hand over her shoulder, stress the gown downward to reveal one bossom. While doing this, my mouth still lock into her mouth… Still kissing and exchanging the tongues*** yet, i dey take my brain calculating the time, cux I remember how my teacher taught me to calculate second in a minute by sayin: 1 thosunad one, 1 thousand two, 1 thousand three, goin lik that till 1 thousand 60 makin 1 minute***. As I was kissing for about 49 minutes with my counting and know that she has lost in ecstasy of kissing. I disentangle my mouth from her, moved my head below, down to her bossom. Before she could say time up. My mouth was already on the bossom. I just heard:

*** it’s already 22222222… mmmmmiiiiiiiiiiiii….***

Me:***” chaiiiiiii, could this be game over???****

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