The prognosticator episode 11

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Oh! i was unlucky the owner of the camry
had caught Samuel, so Samuel revealed
my address to them.
“what do i do now”
“My mummy mustn’t hear about this”
“Who do i call now”
“I wish i had spiritual power, i would have
Police2: Guy you are under arrest.
Me: *** Acting like innocent*** under
arrest, what for, kini mora nigba yin? (what
did i bought from you?)
Police1: When you reach station you will
know the offence you’ve committed
Me: But you can’t just get me arrested
without any tangible evidence and i’m going
nowhere with you
Police1: Stop saying nonsense my friend and you should keep your filthy mouth shut,
Because whatever you say here will be used
against you in the court of law.
Me: **Dumbed**
Police1: Officer get him arrested and
handcuff him. He wants to prove stubborn
Police2: Yes sir!
*** I was cuffed and carried to police
station, we reached the station, i was led to
one small old office or cell.
When the police arrest a person, the shock
of being interrogated can be very
distressing. What happens at the police
station can be absolutely critical in deciding
the case. Its advisable for everybody to have a lawyer present with them for a police
station interview, But my case was differ, i
had no lawyer neither someone that can
secure my bail, i’m in for it this time
Police2: The officer in charge of your case
will resume by 8:00am, so you have to wait
for him here ** he shut the door leaving me
alone in the rotten office or cell, i brought
out my phone immediate he left to call CNN
maybe he might be of help, after all we did it
Me: Hello CNN
CNN : Its early pesman, hope no problem
because its unlike of you to call early like this
Me: There is problem o, Guess what?
CNN: You have been caged by women
because of women ritual you did?
Me: No
CNN : What happened then?
Me: I was arrested this morning, even i am
inside cell as am talking to you
CNN : How come? What was your offence?
Me: Where are you?
CNN : In my room of course, any problem?
Me: No problem oo
CNN : Oya tell me what you did that got you
Me: I didn’t commit the crime alone
CNN : But with who?
ME : You of course
CNN: It seems you ARE dreaming, we haven’t see today, how come i committed crime with you?
Me: The windscreen we broke yesterday
CNN : The windscreen we broke, or The
windscreen you broke?
Me: Shebi you are still at home
CNN: No, have left home
Me: **surprised** where are you now?
CNN: You don’t have to know, PESMAN i
don’t want to BE arrested
Me: who will secure my bail now?
CNN: Who have money to buy the
Me: What do you mean?
CNN: I will try my possible best to set you
free, you will hear from me soon
Me: Please oo, am looking forward to you
CNN: Don’t worry ore (friend)
Me: And i don’t want my mum to hear about
CNN: No problem about that
Me: Thank bro, bye
CNN: bye
**hung up**
Hmm PESMAN , you are welcome to police
station, hope you will learn your lesson here,
just accept your fate and get ready for the
WORST. Elese ki yoo lo Lai jiya (sinner shall not be unpunished)
An idea popped in to my head to call Dupe
and make enquiry from her, Dupe fuckup
this time around, i know she seen it that i
will get arrested but she didn’t tell me.
I dialed her number she picked on third
Me: Hello dear
Dupe: Hi my love, you call early hope no
Me: See Dupe am not happy with you
Dupe: Oh! PESMAN sorry for not been calling
you yesternite before i slept, i know you
have been WORRIED about me, but glory be to God i arrived lagos safely
Me: Thank God, but that is not the reason
why i called you
Dupe: What happened then?
Me: Don’t tell me you don’t know i was
Dupe: **screamed** yeeeeeeeeeeeee,
Pesman how would i know when i wasn’t
in town?
Me: But Dupe you are a prognosticator lady
you do seeing everything before happening,
why don’t you tell me, so i will not sleep in
my room
Dupe: Hmm pesman don’t i warned you
before you went to Babalawo for women
ritual, that was the outcome of your
Me: Am sorry dear, what do i do now?
Dupe: I don’t see anything oo, but i believed
you will be set free
Me: Ok dear, thanks for your concern bye
Dupe: Bye, i will be back next tomorrow
Me: If i wasn’t in jail
Dupe: I don’t see anything like that
*** hangs up***
The door to the office or cell i was kept
threw opened revealing the officer that
arrested me earlier, i can see his uniform
clearly, he was putting on something that
can be referred to rag as a uniform, his
uniform had faded that i couldn’t see the
name that was tagged on it
Police: Come outside, oga is waiting for you
at his office
Me: Which of the ogas ?
Police: Keep asking me mumu boy **He led
me to another office, where i met an elderly
police officer and the man that came with
police when i was arrested at my house. the
two them sited opposite each other, i
moved closer to the police officer i can see
something like “kelvin” was inscribed on his
chest, he faced me and said**
Police: How are you? My name is sergeant
kelvin, as you can see i was like father to
you, i want you to tell me the truth, only
truth can set you free, i’m the officer
in charge of your case, just tell me the truth
why did you broke his car’s windscreen?
**pointing to man in his front***
Me: Sir i didn’t break any glasses
Sgt.Kelvin: Stop lying my friend, someone
saw you when you break the glass, just tell
me who sent you to break it, we will realise
you and get the person arrested
Me: Sir i swear with my grave, i know
nothing about the glass you are talking
Sgt.kelvin: ***with harsh tone*** I am not
here to play with you my friend, if you are
not ready to confess give
me your parents number, i have to call them
*But before he could finished his words, his
phone rang*
He picked the call, i couldn’t hear what he
was discussion on phone, but he kept
“Yes sir”
“Yes sir”
“Alright sir”
“Immediately sir”
“Thank you sir”
while he was on phone, the man i broke his
glass faced me and said “I don’t care
whether you are ready to confess or not, my
own is that you must buy another
windscreen to my car, you this imbecile of a
i just eyed him
Sergeant kelvin: **faced me after he hanged
up the call ** You this boy you have long leg
abi? No problem
Me: **I don’t understand what he meant by
I had long leg, i only called CNN and Dupe
both of them are not even around**
Sgt.kelvin: **He called one of his boy to take
me back to cell**
I was threw to the Old cell second time in
a day, waiting for my judgment.
About 30min later another officer came to
my cell, follow me oga is calling you he said
to me. I followed him to another office, D.P.O OFFICE was tagged at the entrance of the office *** So my case has gone beyond the imagination, it as now been transfered to D.P.O, baba God help me o*** i entered the office to meet one pot belly man sited on the chair he was the D.P.O, “Ibrahim” was inscribed on his sky blue uniform he faced me and said
D.p.o: **smile** hmm my boy, how are you
doing? your bail has been secured, someone had paid for the glass you broke, you are now a freeman, but please stay out of trouble and commit crime no more
Me: **Shocked and happy** please who
paid for my bail?
D.P.O: The person said we should not tell
you, so you don’t have to know, you can go
now, hope my boys didn’t collect anything
from you?
Me: No sir, they didn’t
D.P.O: Good, you can go now bye
Me: Thank you sir, ***I left his office walked
pass two officers that arrested me earlier, i
eyed them and walked out, Oluwa ose oo
(Thank you God)
“Am now a freeman”
“but who secured my freedom?”
“i promised myself to find out soon”
“It was now 2-0”
I took a sit under the tree i brought out my
phone and called CNN***
Me: Hello guy
CNN: Am on my way to police station
Me: Don’t come again, have been realised
CNN: By who?
Me: I don’t know the person oo
CNN : Where are you now?
Me: On my way to your house
CNN : No lele, i will be waiting for you
Me: Ok **hanged up** i also called Dupe to
update her that have been set free
CNN: **shake my hand** Mr jailer welcome
Me: Your father
CNN: Tell me how you did it?
Me: Me too i don’t know, i was inside the cell
when D.P.O sent for me, i reached his office
and he told me someone had paid for the
glass, and the person also bailed me
CNN: hmmm, maybe the same person that
paid for your hospital bill?
Me: I think so
CNN: I pray we know the person as soon as
possible, before something bad happened
Me: **My phone vibrated that moment, it
was text message i brought out my phone
to read the contests of the text***
“You are welcome back my love, i secured
your bail, please stay out of trouble, i don’t
want anything BAD TO happened to you,
love you so much # peslady ”
To be continued

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