The prognosticator episode 39

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Dupe is seen at the corner of the cell, she
was looking dejected and dispirited, she
had been regretting working with Madam
hadiza, The only prayer on her lips was
pesman to come quickly and secure her
bail, without knowing pesman himself was
having another case with police, his case is
more dangerous than hers, she had been
waiting for the past 7hours now still no sign
of pesman, when she couldn’t take it
anymore she placed a call to pesman (Her
phone has been given back to her after the
police officer used it to call pesman) But
she was shocked with the response pesman
gave her
******MADAM HADIZA******
Her head was filled up as she was driving
behind pesman van, she couldn’t figure
out what the D.P.O is up to, because with the
way he was talking to her, he (D.P.O) was
not ready to corporate with her, she began
to think on what next to do and how to
free pesman from police station, because
she want to feel him inside her tonight,
when she couldn’t think straight on what
next to do an idea popped into her head,
pounced some digits on her phone and
placed it on the left side of her ear
Madam Hadiza: Hello Barrister Adebayo
Barrister: Hi madam, its been long, how are
you doing?
Madam Hadiza: Am fine
Barrister: Hope no problem,you call
Madam Hadiza: There is no problem but i
need to inform you before running into one
Barr: That’s good , what’s the matter
Madam Hadiza: ***She told him everything
according to pesman explanations***
Barr: It very simple case once your boy isn’t
her boyfriend, you have nothing to worry
Madam Hadiza: Am on my way to the station
now to talk with the D.P.O, if he refuse to
corporate with me i will call you back
Barr: Don’t worry Madam, since the girl in
question was his daughter he will not
corporate with you
Madam Hadiza: What do you suggest i do
now, i need your help that boy must be bail
Barr: Just tell the boy not to say a single
word till i arrive the station
Madam Hadiza: Thanks my lawyer, i will get
back to you soon
Barr: Ok ma
Madam Hadiza: When are you coming?
Barr: I should be on my way?
Madam Hadiza: Please do, let meet at the
Barr: Which station are you?
Madam Hadiza: Headquarter
Barr: Ok, am on my way
Madam Hadiza: Thank you ***Hung up***
(Immediately she hanged up the call she
rang pesman but his number is not
I was seated with about nine (9) armed
policemen at the back of the police van, i
to think about my life, assuming i didn’t
anybody like Madam Hadiza where would i
be by now?
Maybe jail, this is the second time Madam
Hadiza bail me from this the same police
station, i closed my eyes and pray to
Almighty God.
Dear Lord please give Madam Hadiza power
to settle this case quickly the way she has
been settling it in the past.
The ringing tone of my phone brought me
back to reality, i looked at the screen i nearly
smashed my phone at one of the police who
sat at my front when i saw the caller was
dupe, i firstly ignored her call before i later
picked on second ring
Me: Hello
Dupe: Hi pesman, try to be caring its true
that we are fighting, don’t tell me you didn’t
see my call, one of the police officer called
you on my behalf
Me: Listen woman, yes i received your call
and i told the man i was in police custody
Dupe: ***Scream*** I thought you were
to the police
Me: I didn’t, even i slept in police station
Dupe: What happened pesman
Me: I was arrested with cnn not too long
after your call
Dupe: Didn’t i warn you to stay off him?
Have you seen it now, please stop doubting
Me: I don’t doubt you but i cannot leave him
all alone by that hour
Dupe: So where are you now?
Me: At back of police van and you
Dupe: Inside cell
Me: What happened?
Dupe: ***Crying*** my boss Madam Hadiza
gave me five hundred thousand naira
500,000naira to deposit in to her account,
on my way to the bank i boarded a cab
without knowing the cab was that of
thieves, i barely settled down in the car
when one of the passenger i met inside car
pulled a gun at me, i almost fainted pesman
collected the money from me and i was
dragged out of the car and my phone was
threw at me, i quickly picked it and called my
boss, she said i should be coming back to
supermarket, but when i got there police
were waiting for me, i was arrested and
carried to station, my boss said am lying to
her, she said nobody collected money from
me that its plan work because my phone is
not lost, i tried to explain to her but she
didn’t listening to me
Me: Don’t worry dear, i know one of your
boss friends i will talk to her, i believe your
boss will set you free because of her
Dupe: Pesman i will be happy if you can do
this for me
Me: Don’t worry dear, i will try all my best to
secure your bail, just be praying for my
freedom too
Dupe: You will be set free soon by Gods
Me: Amen, but dupe you ought to know that
the money given to you by your boss would
be lost
Dupe: I think i already told you, i don’t seen
everything i only see a little, the day you
had sex with me i didn’t see it coming,
likewise the issue of this money i didn’t see
it also
Me: What are you seeing now?
Dupe: Nothing because i had sleepless night
Me: Ok dear, i will get back to you as soon as
Dupe: Please my love you’re the only
alternative i have
Me: Don’t worry dear love you
Dupe: Love you too
Me: Bye
Dupe: Bye ***hang up***
Immediately i hanged up the call, another
call came in with strange number
Me: Hello
Caller: Hi ***Man Voice***
Me: Please who is this?
Caller: This is Mr Felix from lucky computer
Me: Ok, what can i do for you?
Caller: Am i speaking with Mr Adekunle sir?
Me: Yes you’re
Caller: Good, you registered jamb with us sir
Me: Yes
Caller: This to inform you that you are having
exam next week Saturday, we have sent you
reminder message, and we are also calling
to remind you sir, please study harder to
accrue a better grade, we wish you all the
best from lucky computer center Bye
***hang up***
Oh lord please save me, am having exam
next week Saturday less than 6days from
and i didn’t read anything because all my
hope was on dupe she promised to show
me all the answer a day to exam, hmmm
that same dupe is in police cell now, i
have to act fast, she must be released as
as possible if i want to pass this coming
jamb, i began to think how to talk to Madam
Hadiza to set the innocent girl free, i looked
up as tear drop from my eye
Oh lord please help me
To be continued

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