the prognosticator season 2 episode 29

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****** THE YOUNG SINNERS******
I was in my room playing game on my
phone (Fifa14) when it suddenly rang,I
picked immediately
Me: Hello
Madam Hadiza: Hi dear,I haven’t hear from
you since you left my house
Me: Yes I decided not to call you
Madam Hadiza: What happened dear?
Me: I don’t like the senator I met in your
Madam Hadiza: Haha you have been thinking
I’m cheating on you?
Me: No I just don’t like the man
Madam Hadiza: He’s just a friend to me
nothing attached to it
Me: I know I don’t just want to have
anything to do with him
Madam Hadiza: Alright dear, so where are
Me: In my room playing game
Madam Hadiza: Hmm you and this game sha
Me: Game is my companion
Madam Hadiza: Ernh ok o, wait Pesman I
remember something
Me: What is it all about?
Madam Hadiza: How far about the trip I
discussed with you?
Me: Still contemplating about which country
to go, but I think I like South Africa, let start
with it
Madam Hadiza: You said we should go to
South Africa right?
Me: Yeah
Madam Hadiza: Deal or no deal?
Me: Yes Deal
Madam Hadiza: No wahala I’ll start all the
necessary things, and you’ll hear from me
Me: You are the best dear, I’ll start calling
you mum
Big Mum: Naught boy
Me: Mummy how far about the filling station
Madam Hadiza: Am angry with you Pesman
don’t you know?
Me: Kini mose? (what is my offence)
Madam Hadiza: You’re just been asking
about the filling station project now, shebi
you leave me alone to carry my cross
Me: Neither did you talk about it for a while
Madam Hadiza: Anyway, work is ongoing
there, you can check it out whenever you’re
Me: No problem, what of Jameelah?
Madam Hadiza: Your sister is fine o
Me: ***My sister indeed*** My regards
Madam Hadiza: When are you coming to our
Me: I will call you before coming
Madam Hadiza: Alright have a nice day
Me: You too
Madam Hadiza: Bye
Me: ***Hanged up***
I continued my game after the call,
30minutes later I received another call from
Abbey: Padi mi how far?
Me: I dey o and you?
Abbey: I’m fine, are you home?
Me: Ofcourse yes, playing game
Abbey: Can you please come to my house?
Me: What happen?
Abbey: I got a call from police station this
morning that I should come, they said they
have been caught whose behind the
robbery that almost sent me to jail
Me: Wow Thank God o, who are they?
Abbey: I don’t know yet, please come we
have to go station
Me: What a good news
Abbey: Honestly its, are you coming?
Me: Sure I’m on my way already
Abbey: Ok bro, am expecting you
Me: No yawa ***Hanged up***
Glory be to God Abbey is now been cleared, I
made my way to his house, from his house
to police station, all my aims was to see the
faces of the criminals and asked them what
are they intended to gain in putting
someone in
******POLICE STATION******
Abbey and I walked into station with the
aims of asking the criminals why they
wanted to implicate Abbey, immediately we
walked in we met some policemen at the
counter, we greeted them as explained to
them the reason why we came to station,
we were led to ASP.MIC office, he quickly
recognized me.
We also met there seated already the Man
(The man that were robbed)
Asp.MIC: Have your sit
Me/Abbey: ***We sat down***
Asp.Mic: ***Faced me*** Pesman right?
Me: Yes sir, you still remember my name
Asp.Mic: Sure I don’t forget things easily
Me: That’s good of you sir
Asp.Mic: How is your girl nau?
Me: She has relocated to lagos
Asp.Mic: Because of that issue?
Me: Yes
Asp.MIC: Oga o, anyway you really try for that
girl o, I believe to beg that woman isn’t an
easy task
Me: I cannot leave her alone in your custody
Asp.Mic: Nice of you, let get down to
business, are you also involve in this case?
Me: No but my friend does ***Pointing at
Asp.Mic: You see Nigerian police are the best
in African, we have captured the bad eggs
behind all this
Abbey: Am happy o, because my cap was
found at the crime scene
Man: Someone wanted to implicate you with
that cap of yours dear, I know you’re not
among them because you’re taller than
those two guys that robbed me, I only want
Nigeria police to do their work, thank God
they have come out with better result
Asp.Mic: It took us lots of efforts before we
could get them, we also spent some moneis
which you’ll account for, the most
interesting part of it is that we caught them
with little leap hole they left behind, one of
them had an Airtel sim pack with him which
fell from him without his knowledge, we
have to go to Airtel office to run proper
check on it before we can nailed them
Abbey: That’s good for them
Me: God is wonderful, am happy for you
brother, it has been written you’ll not
suffering for what you know nothing about
Abbey: But I spent some days in cell
Me: God willingly kept you in the cell for
some reason best known to him
Asp.Mic: That’s true, moreover cell isn’t for
animal it was made for human
Me: ***Laugh***
Man: Can we see them?
Asp.Mic: Yes and that’s why we called two of
you, this case isn’t in our hand again, you’re
the one to decides on what next to do. (He
called one of police to bring the criminals to
his office, few minutes later they walked in)
Me: ***I was like Asp do you know what
you’re doing? Is this not Jay/Don? They
were looking horrible because they have
been dealt with beyond imagination, I was
happy within myself because its obvious
they are nothing but Demon***
Asp.Mic: Here are they
Man: Are they not the same guys we came
here to report together?
Asp.Mic: Sure they are, you won’t believe if I
tell you they were the one robbed your
house, they came with this guy cap just to
put him in trouble
Abbey: This is your second time what did I
do wrong to you guys? What did I buy from
Why are you after my life?
Asp.Mic: Take it easy they are going to tell
you all what you needed to know. Let me do
the talking ***Faced Jay/Don*** You have to
be answering my questions accordingly,
now tell me what makes you robbed this
Jay: We didn’t rob anyone
Asp.Mic: You didn’t rob him but your sim
certificate was found in his house, don’t
forget you haven’t been to his house before
Jay: Yes I don’t know where he stay
Asp.Mic: ***He Gave him hot slap*** You do
not know where he stay but your sim
certificate does, boys give me electric iron
(Electric iron was given to him, he plunged it
to the wall socket) if you’re not ready to tell
me all what you know about it,. This iron will
be use on your flesh
Don: ***Shaking*** Its time for confession
Jay: Are you mad? What do you have to say?
***Before he could finished ranting hot iron
was placed on his lap, this made him
groaning in pains***
Don: I’ll confess
Asp.Mic: Ok am all ear ***He brought out a
small recording device and switched it
Don: We are the one behind all this. Pesman
and Abbey snatched our girlfriends we are
on revenge mission
Me: But you and I had settled our rift nah,
even you paid for my jamb print out
Don: Its all gimmick to nail you, Jay
suggested I should be friendly with you
before we eliminate you
Asp.Mic: You do all this for woman shake
Don: Yes, Jay said we should firstly dealt
with Abbey before we instigate to Pesman
Asp.Mic: If I hear you clearly you mean
Pesman and Abbey snatched girls from two
of you?
Don: Yes Pesman snatched my girl Jameelah
while Abbey Snatched Grace from Jay, so we
want them to pay with hard coins
Asp.Mic: Alright, how do you go about this
Don: One day he washed his cloth and dried
it at backyard we sneaked in and took the
cap, sir all this was planned by Jay he was
the one acting it am just playing along with
Abbey: ***He shake his head as tear form in
his eye*** You wanna sent me to jail
because of Grace
Asp.Mic: Let him finish with his story, how
did you robbed this man?
Don: We entered into his house by climbing
the fence, once we entered Jay said I should
go and knocked on his door, which I did he
opened the door and we robbed him, we
are on our way out of his house when Jay
removed the cap from his head and threw it
at him, because we know he would come to
station to report, so the following morning
as early as 5am in the morning we are
somewhere closed to his house as we are
watching his house from afar, he came out
and headed to station with the cap in his
hand, we know where he where was
heading to so we followed him, few minutes
after entered the station we also entered
and claimed we also robbed with the set of
same people who robbed him, that’s all sir
Me: So you have been planning for me too?
Don: Yes we have a plan to deal with you
after this
Me: God pass you
Asp.Mic: ***Faced me*** Pesman is it the
same girl you came to my formal station to
Me: No, no her
Asp.Mic: You still have another girl?
Me: Nodded
Asp.Mic: Just becarful with girls, you Abbey
what do you want us to do about this case?
Abbey: I want them to go jail afterall they
are planning to sent me into jail so, I want
them to go instead and I want them to also
sign our life quranty they might be running
after our life after their jail term
Don: We’ll not doing that please have mercy,
I as a person I don’t have anything against
anybody anymore
Asp.Mic: ***Face the Man*** You keep quite
all this while, what do you want us to do
about this case? You’re the owner of it you
have power to pull it further or withdraw it
Man: Hmm anyway I want them to provide
all what they took from me and use another
two months here with series of
punishments, that’s what I want I don’t
want them to go court or jail, but I want
them to learn their lesson here for just two
months ***He gave Asp.Mic some money***
Please keep them here for two months
Me: Anyway I think the two months
punishments is fair isn’t it???
To be continued

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