The unexpected love episode 33

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(Tochi in school)

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Episode 33
Wisdom quickly gathered all the students in front of principal’s office. They knew anytime they are summoned like that a serious information or punishment wants to be carried out. Some stretched their heads to look into the principal’s office while some, like Tochi admired Wisdom who stood on the higher cemented area meant for teachers alone. Esther saw how she was staring at him, then she tapped her.
“Isn’t he handsome?” she asked.
“Who?” Tochi asked.
“The person you are admiring and staring at”
Tochi smiled and bent down her head.
“Don’t be shy, feel free. I don’t have anything to do with him again. His love goes for only one girl” Esther told her then she raised up her head.
“Who’s the girl?” she asked
“Come on don’t pretend as if you don’t know. Do you love him too?”
The question made Tochi’s heart beat faster again staring at Esther. Though Melody was there but had no interest on their conversion. She was so enthusiastic and anticipated to see Jennifer and Calista coming out of the office.
Tochi gradually nodded her head in agreement to Esther’s question.
“Have he proposed?” Esther was still inquisitive and Tochi nodded her head again.
“And what did you say?”
“I rejected him”
“I didn’t want to hurt you”
Esther remained silent staring at her thinking how truthful and sincere she was. “Come here” she gave her a hug.
“Both of you have started your own abi?” a male voice said from behind. “Let’s finish with these lesbians before you start yours” he added and the statement brought Melody’s attention.
“Won’t you close your hole there?!” she rebuked him.
“Don’t mind him!” Esther supported. She disdained the very boy and turned to Tochi again.
“Listen, you have to follow your heart, okay? Forget about me”
“Okay, thank you” Tochi was more than happy and started looking an opportunity to return her words to Wisdom. Just at that moment, the principal and all other teachers came out with Jennifer except the one who was with Calista in the office.
“Silent!!” Wisdom exclaimed and the noise gradually died down.
Jennifer was covered with shame, so she couldn’t look at anybody. Students could see tears dropping from her eyes and their ears were itching to know the actual cause of the abominable act.
“Students!” the principal began but nobody responded because they knew he doesn’t start a speech like that unless he’s very angry. “You want to bring down this school. I’m shocked on what my ears have heard and my eyes seen this morning. I will not say much but i want to give Jennifer Mbakew here chance to utter the cause of what happened this morning”
Everywhere became quiet that even a fallen pin could be heard.
“What’s she waiting for? speak up!!” Mr Anuma exclaimed and the tears began to pour like a rain from Jennifers eyes.
“I-i-i used a love charm meant for Wisdom on Calista mistakenly” Jennifer confessed with a low voice and the students shouted, “Heeeehhh!”. Immediately, Linda turned to look at Tochi while Wisdom quickly went down from the higher cemented area to Chester looking woozy.
“Tell us how you got the charm!” the principal shouted.
“Yes, tell us!” the students supported.
“I got it from my mother without her knowledge”
“Please, someone should go and call her mother and Calista’s parents too” the principal instructed and two boys ran out. “Look at what a teenager can do because of a boy. A student who suppose to be studious and prepare for her examinations!”
“Oh Lala!” Mr Anuma exclaimed at principal’s words.
“After this case is resolved i will have no other option than to take the rightful judgment. This should serve as a lesson to you all that are involved with diabolical or evil activities!” he angrily walked inside his office followed by other teachers and Jennifer leaving the floor for Mr Anuma.
“I am passing through acrimonious situation now” Mr Anuma began. “Because of this very act Jennifer has automatically become an acquaintance to you all”
“Sir what is acquaintance?!” a male student shouted from behind.
“Shut up your trap there! You that have refused to make use of your edutainments!” Mr Anuma replied and the students began to giggle. “Wisdom!” he called.
“Yes, sir!”
“Come up here” Wisdom stood beside him. “You are the one who would have fallen victim to this incredible and unfathomable predicament!”
“Heeeehhh! Sir easy oh!” the students shouted laughing at the same time.
Mr Anuma continued, “I believe that your accentuated complexion is the one causing all these and making girls to do the unbelievable, even still with this undernourished body of yours. Oh Lala!!”
“Oh Lala!!” the students repeated and Mr Anuma walked inside the office without smiling. Wisdom didn’t know what to say or do because the grammar got him confused. He could see Tochi and Esther smiling at him, then he said, “Pls, return 2 ur classes b4 you receive another grammar”


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