The unexpected love episode 37

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(Tochi in school)

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Episode 37
In the dark weather, twinkle little stars shone above the sky giving it magnificent beauty. People patrolled up and down the street making sure it wasn’t bored. Still in the pinky leggings trouser and fairy top, Tochi walked simultaneously with Wisdom without saying a word. Both occasionally glanced at each other and smiled. They could see bad street boys arguing at a corner with their trousers sagged and kept their hair like that of a mad man-dada. Tochi could see their boxers outside looking very dirty and disgusting.
“Oh boy, this is our street oh! No carry sand come put for my own carry oh!” one of the boys said demonstrating like a criminal.
Wisdom looked at them and smiled seriously.
“Why are you smiling?” Tochi asked him.
“It’s just funny to see young boys behaving like that”
Tochi looked at the boys and smiled too. “I don’t like people like that” she said.
“They don’t look responsible”
“How can you know someone that looks responsible?”
“From the way they dress and talk”
“Am i responsible?”
“You are more way responsible and handsome too”
“Thanks” they looked at each other and smiled.
Just at the lonely place where Tochi knew that it was time for her to go back, she stopped. She could hear the sound of crickets and see the brightness of the stars. It was a narrow road with bushes beside it. She stepped aside with a hand on a long grass and glanced backward. Wisdom noticed her restlessness attitude, then he asked, “Is anything the matter?”
“Yes… i mean no..” she replied feeling her heartbeat. Wisdom gently held her hands and without persuasion, Ticho moved closer to him in a way her body touched his.
“I want to tell you something” she began. “I’m sorry for disappointing you the other day. I have realised that nothing can stop me from loving you now. I love you with all my heart, please…”
“Ssshh..” Wisdom interrupted her with a finger on her lips. “You have said enough. I love you even more than you do”
“Yes dear, i can’t stop loving you no matter what” they smiled staring at each other’s eyes and being closer in a way Wisdom could feel her soft breast on his chest.
“I thought you don’t love me anymore” Tochi broke the silence smiling.
“I will never think of that”
They remained silent again, then Wisdom made a move to kiss her. Tochi noticed what he was about to do, so she remained static staring at him as he brought his face gradually to kill her.
“May i?” Wisdom asked with a low voice and she nodded her head slightly positive, then Wisdom kissed her steadily. She didn’t know when she was moved to hold him closer round the waist. At that moment, the upper part of her breast pumped upward when they were closer to his chest and Wisdom could feel her round buttocks which was soft and slippery due to the elastic leggings trouser. Suddenly, she quit the kiss and disengaged herself from him.
“I should be going now” she said.
“Is okay, see you tomorrow” they smiled and departed happily.
She walked gently towards her classroom looking shy. Her appearance and her nature of locomotion made her seems so innocent and more beautiful. Her ironed transparent uniform made the shape of her underwears visible. Just before she entered, she met Wisdom at the entrance.
“Hi, Calista” Wisdom said.
“Good morning” Calista passed him but suddenly turned. “My parents told me what happened yesterday. How bad was it?” she asked.
“It wasn’t bad but disgraceful” Wisdom replied.
“Was i naked?”
“No, rather Jennifer was naked”
“Okay” she move on.
“Calista” Wisdom interrupted and moved close to her. “It wasn’t your fault. Don’t feel inferior in any way because it was totally not your fault, okay?”
“Okay, Thanks” she gave a weak smile to him feeling his kindness.
Students began to come to school as the time for assembly drew near, yet Tochi wasn’t in school. As Wisdom anticipated to see her, Chester arrived looking classic and handsome. They stood at an opened area closer to the entrance of SS3B, Esther’s classroom.
“Good morning, bro” Chester greeted and placed one of his hands inside his pocket in a way his golden wrist watch jingled at the tip of it. “I forgot to tell you that Tochi looked for you yesterday before going home” he added.
“I finally met her at home” Wisdom replied.
“I hope you worked out things with her because she wasn’t looking happy yesterday”
“Yeah, we are actually…” he paused and smiled at him.
“Dating?” Chester was curious.
“Yeah, and we had our first..” he paused again.
“Wow! you deserve a handshake, bro!” they laughed and shook hands together.
Just then Calista came out and saw them smiling happily, so she stared and wondered why.
Esther also arrived at the moment. “Good morning sirs!” she greeted them frm a distance and walked inside her classroom..


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