The unexpected love episode 38

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(Tochi in school)

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Episode 38
Chester didn’t expect such happiness and greeting from Esther, so he looked at Wisdom and said, “She seems happy”
“Yeah, she is” Wisdom replied and looked at him in a way that explains: Go for her now.
Calista watched Chester horried into the classroom immediately Esther entered, then she suspected them feeling jealous.
Esther opened her bag immediately and began to look for her hymn book.
“Hi, Esther” Chester said from behind.
“Hi, Good morning” she replied quickly without looking at him. She zipped up her bag and rushed out instantly.
Chester became very surprise. Her action rendered him speechless with an open mouth. “What’s wrong with her?” he thought. Just before he came out from the thought, Calista walked in like a gentle angel with her hands folded in a black jacket to prevent the morning coldness.
“Wow!” Chester exclaimed.
“What?!” Calista asked.
“You look actually.. amazing!”
“Should i take that as a compliment or mockery?”
“A compliment of course”
“Thanks anywhere” she walked closer to him. “Do i still regard myself as your friend regarding what happened yesterday?”
“Of course you are still my friend. Actually it wasn’t your fault rather Jennifer’s”
“Okay, good to know” they stared at each other. Immediately the bell ran for assembly.
Just as students rushed into the assembly ground, Tochi walked into the school compound and Wisdom was the first to see her.
“You are late!” he shouted from a distance smiling. Tochi also smiled and hurried up to him.
“I’m sorry sir” she replied breathing heavily.
“Welcome, ma, you may go in”
“Thank you sir” she passed with smiles on her face. Wisdom also couldn’t stop smiling.
All was on the assembly ground quietly when Mr Nelson, the principal walked in with Mr Anuma. He stood before them with a paper in his hands and rattled it.
“Good morning students!”
“Good morning sir!”
“We have come to the end of this week and i believe you know what comes up next week, the quiz. It is something you should be serious with..”
Just then, Wisdom’s eyes caught with Tochi’s and they shook their heads in a way that explains: We gonna make it!!
The principal continued, “I’m here to announce that Mbakwe Jennifer has been expelled from this school”
There was an arising soliloquy among the students and some looked at Calista who stood alone gazing at the principal. Her only friend Jennifer had been expelled so she felt lonely.
“I found her action very offensive and disgraceful. She actually wanted to sabotage the name of this school. I couldn’t allow that to happen, so just stay away from evil. Understood!”
“Yes sir!” the students chorused.
As usual the principal walked out leaving the ground for Mr Anuma who stood quietly with a hand inside his pocket gazing at the students.
“You look good sir!” a male voice shouted from behind and students started giggling.
“Who is that happygolucky student!” Mr Anuma began. “Instead of you to be inconspicuous, you are there making an indecipherable sentence” the students giggled again. “Listen to me all of you, the resent entrenchment made by the principal concerning Mbakwe Jennifer is also applicable to you all. Understood?!”
“Yes sir!”
“As for the quiz, a noble price will the given 2 the winning team” immediately the students began to make noise.
“Silent!” Wisdom exclaimed. Everywhere became quiet and Mr Anuma looked at Tochi.
“Desmond!” he called.
“Yes, sir!”
“I hope Wisdom is doing a great job?”
“Yes sir!”
“Heeehhh!” the students shouted looking at Tochi and Wisdom.
“Sir, what type of job is he doing?” a female student asked.
“Shut up there, you mind corrupted succubus!” Mr Anuma replied with smiles and stepped out. Everybody began to wonder the type of job Wisdom was really doing with Tochi even Esther, Chester and Melody.
“Esther, dismiss them please” Wisdom instructed.
“Okay, the job dealer” she replied smiling while Wisdom also gave a weak smile.
Inside SS3B, Melody was with Esther having a funny conversation when Chester entered and stood before them. Seeing that, Esther stood up immediately in a hurry, “Let me collect a book from a friend” she said and walked out but Chester prevented her by grabbing her hand which made her turned sharply staring at him with a fast rate of heartbeat. Melody looked at their jointed hands and the romantic look on their faces, then she stared at them feeling jealous.
“Stop running away from me” Chester told Esther.
“I’m not” she replied.
“You are. I wanted to talk to you before assembly period but you ignored me. Now you are going away because of my presence. What have i done to you?”
“You have not done anything… I mean I’m ignoring you… Sorry, I’m actually saying that I’m not ignoring you, okay?” she replied looking woozy. Chester stared at her and gradually released her hand, then she briskly walked out.
“Wow!” Melody exclaimed. “What is going on?” she asked..

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