The unexpected love season 2 episode 10

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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 10
Vivian came out of her classroom watching students moved up and down to their various ways. Due to her weird character nobody talked to her or tried to make friend with her. She saw Tochi and called her with a low voice.
“I guess you are the head-girl” she said.
“Yes” Tochi replied.
“What is your name?”
“Tochukwu Desmond”
Tochi walked out but suddenly turned and asked, “Can i know your name too?”
“I thought you wouldn’t care to know”
“I’m sorry”
“I’m Vivian Luster. My Dad works in waec office”
“Really? That’s good”
“According to him a student from this school made 9 As which is actually the reason why he registered me here”
“Yes, that’s true”
“What’s his name again? It’s all over the television and radio”
“His name is Wisdom Caleb”
“Exactly, how i wish i can see him” Vivian smiled.
“Excuse me? Why?” Tochi became curious.
“Nothing actually” she replied and adjusted her bag. Suddenly, a car drove in and she walked inside it without even saying good bye to Tochi who stared at her in thought of her wish to see Wisdom. She stared at the car until it vanished.
Edwin’s resident was a beautiful bungalow with flowers around it giving it an attractive appearance. He had only a father who was working as a cleck in a company. He closed the outside door and walked out wearing a jean trouser and a T-shirt. He brought out his phone and placed it on his ear.
“Hello, I’m on my way” he said.
“Okay, please, follow the address i sent to you” Melody replied on the phone…
Jennifer was in front of their compound washing clothes when Calista walked in like a ghost again. She moved behind her without her knowledge and startled her.
“Jeez! What is wrong with you?!” Jennifer nearly threw away the clothes in fear. “Please, stop doing that!” she warned and continued washing.
“I’m sorry” Calista apologized.
“I thought your parents prevented you from seeing me”
“I snicked out”
“Good for you”
“Have you heard that Wisdom won a scholarship to study abroad?”
“Yes oh, is all over the news. He’s very lucky”
“Very very lucky. Tochi is also lucky to have him” Calista said but Jennifer kept quiet without smiling. “Are you upset?” she asked.
“For what?” Jennifer replied without looking at her. “I’m only praying to get admission that’s all” she added.
“Yes, that’s true. We shall get admission, okay?” Calista concluded and began to help her dry some clothes.
Melody stretched her head East and West in front of their compound anticipating to see Edwin coming from a distance. She wore a light gown with bumshort inside. Her hair dangled around her neck and face which she occasionally packed backwards. Suddenly, she saw Edwin coming into the compound, then she ran and hugged him.
“I have been waiting for you!” she disengaged herself instantly.
“I’m sorry, your house is a bit difficult to locate” Edwin replied.
“I’m happy to see you. Come inside”
They walked inside, into the sittingroom. Melody could see how he looked at the pictures on the wall and other material after she came back with a cup of water.
“Where is your mother?” Edwin took the water from her and began to drink.
“She’s at work” she replied smiling then collected the cup from him.
“You have a nice place”
“Thank you”
They stared at each other silently.
“I heard that Wisdom will be traveling abroad very soon” Edwin broke the silence.
“I’m so happy for him”
“Me too. But I’m happy you aren’t traveling abroad too”
“Jeez! Why saying that?” Edwin asked smiling.
“So that you will be close to me always”
“You are not serious!” they laughed happily.
“Don’t worry, we will also get admission in one of the best schools in Nigeria” Melody said with a romantic and caring voice.
“Yes, for sure” Edwin replied.
They stayed and chatted for a while before he left.
#5_DAYS_LATER 5:00pm
Tochi had not seen Wisdom neither had Wisdom seen her or visited. Now, it remained only a day for his trip to Oxford University London, but he planned to see her that night before traveling. He had already prepared waiting for Mr Anuma in front of their compound. Suddenly, he drove in.
“Good evening, Sir” Wisdom greeted.
“Caleb” Mr Anuma called. “Where are your parents?” just after he asked, Mr and Mrs Caleb came out and they greeted.
“Wisdom and i have to see one of the waec workers for a particular signature before his trip tomorrow” Mr Anuma told them.
“No problem, you can go with him” Mr Caleb permitted and they drove out immediately. They went to waec office but only to discover that the person they were looking for had gone home. So they were directed to his house. The house was an upstairs with a fence. They were let into the sittingroom after a verification by the gateman.
“Are you Mr Anuma?” Mr Luster asked coming out from his room. “And you are Wisdom, the smart and intelligent boy!” he added.
“Exactly, sir” Mr Anuma replied smiling.
Hearing the name Mr Anuma and Wisdom, Vivian who was in her room came out…


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