The unexpected love season 2 episode 11

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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 11
Mr Anuma was surprised to see Vivian. She wore a bumshort and a singlet which she tucked in properly. Her butt was round and attractive even her thighs, talkless of her beautiful face. Wisdom didn’t know her and didn’t bother to know but when Mr Anuma called her name surprisingly he was forced to stare at her.
“Good evening, sir” Vivian greeted with smiles on her face.
“I never knew Vivian is your child” Mr Anuma turned to Mr Luster.
“She’s my daughter” he replied.
“How are you Vivian?”
“I’m fine sir” she replied and stared at Wisdom. “Daddy, is he the one that scored 9 As?” she asked.
“Yes, he’s Wisdom” the father sat down. He also told Mr Anuma to sit for him to sign the papers. Wisdom wanted to sit also but Vivian rushed him.
“Please, can i have your autograph?” she requested.
“Autograph?” Wisdom repeated surprisingly. He never knew that he had become so famous that someone could ask for his autograph. He glanced at Mr Anuma and Mr Luster who were very busy without noticing or care about their conversation then he gave Vivian her request and smiled at her.
“Can you also write down your phone number too?” she requested again with a low voice glowing with smiles which Wisdom also complied.
“Please, wait, let me get my phone” Vivian ran inside her room and came back with a smart phone. “Please, can we have a selfee?” she asked.
“Thank you” she interrupted immediately and placed her hand on Wisdom’s shoulder, then snapped several pictures with him. Hearing the sound of the Camera, the father turned.
“Vivian, what are you doing?” he asked.
“Nothing, Daddy” she replied and disengaged herself immediately. At that time, Mr Anuma stood up and shook hands with Mr Luster before they went out. Wisdom noticed a sexual and attractive movement Vivian was making towards him but pretended as if he never saw her.
On their way back home in Mr Anuma’s car, Wisdom asked, “Sir, who was that girl?”
“Oh, you mean Vivian? She’s a new student”
“In our school?”
“Yes, i never knew she was the daughter of Mr Luster” Mr Anuma smiled while Wisdom kept quiet.
The day was already getting dark when Wisdom returned home. He quickly rushed out again even When his mother was calling him. He wore a white boot with a jean trouser and white and back T-shirt. Tochi had already been disappointed in him for not coming to see her for the past five days. She was at the backyard in the kitchen trying to arrange somethings before going inside while her mother was already in her room catching a rest. Tochi wore a jean trouser and a white top when she turned and saw Wisdom coming in through the passage. She stared at him with a frown face until he came closer.
“Good evening” she greeted unwillingly.
“Tochi” Wisdom called with a low voice. “I will be leaving tomorrow” he said then Tochi stared at him angrily.
“You can leave” she replied and wanted to move inside but Wisdom stopped her.
“What is the problem?!” he asked.
“For five good days you never bothered to see me or talk to me. Only for you to come this evening telling me that you are leaving tomorrow without minding how i feel! How fair is it, ehn? Tell me! What do you expect me to do? To hug you or to clap for you?!” her voice began to break with eyes full of tears.
“Please, I’m sorry” Wisdom apologized. “I haven’t forgotten you or how you feel, and i will never do that, please, understand me”
Mrs Desmond listened to them from her room but kept quietly making use of her ears only.
Tochi looked at Wisdom again with tears and said, “Now you are traveling to..”
“London” Wisdom helped.
“ London leaving me behind. What will be my fate? What will happen to us, i mean our relationship?”
“Distance is never a barrier if only we stay close to the heart. If we trust and believe each other nothing will ever happen to our relationship” Wisdom placed his two hands on her shoulder. “Do you trust me?” he asked but Tochi remained quiet.
“Should i trust you?” she returned the question.
“Yes, you have to trust me. I will never forget you, just concentrate on your education and i must come back for you”
“I promise you. But can i trust you too?” Wisdom asked.
“Yes, you have my trust” she replied and they hugged.
“Promise me another thing” Wisdom said.
“That you will never joke with your education”
“Yes, i promise” they hugged again and stared at each other. Of course Tochi knew the next thing he wanted to do so she glanced at her mother’s window before she gently kissed him.
“I have to be going now” Wisdom disengaged himself.
“Bye, safe journey” Tochi replied with a heavy heart. “I will miss you” she added.
“Me too. Tell your mother that I’ve gone” Wisdom replied from the passage then went out.
Vivian laid in her bed with her legs up as if she was in the labour room. She went through the pictures admiring Wisdom’s handsomeness. “He’s so cute!” she concluded with smiles on her face..

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