The unexpected love season 2 episode 25

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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 25
Tochi had avoided everybody even Linda. She sat at a lonely place with a book on her thighs which she couldn’t concentrate on because she was totally heart broken. She began to reason who told Wisdom that she was dating Kingsley then closed her book and stared at a place in thought.
“Tochi” Kingsley interrupted her.
“What are you doing here?” she asked then Kingsley gradually sat beside her. “Can i ask you a question?” Tochi continued. “How would you feel if you are accused of what you don’t know anything about?”
“I will feel very bad” Kingsley replied.
“Kingsley, who told Wisdom that both of us are dating?” she asked staring at him with a heavy heart. “I believe someone is hurting me secretly. Do you know how heartbroken I feel right now?” her eyes began to circle with tears. “I can bear the fact that Wisdom chose Vivian over me but i can’t bear to hear him accuse me wrongly telling me that I’m dating you..”
Kingsley could see the tears rushing out from her eyes and the way she tried to clean it bitterly then he pitied her.
“Wisdom didn’t choose Vivian over you” he said then Tochi stared at him.
“What do you mean?”
“Vivian is actually the one forcing herself to Wisdom. She only made you believe that she’s dating him so that you will get out of the way for her to finally have him. She’s also the one that lied to Wisdom that we are dating so that he will break up with you..” he paused and looked at Tochi piteously as tears ran down her eyes. “Please, you have to forgive me because i am also involved. I made her snapped us picture which she sent to Wisdom to convince him the more” he added.
“What?!” Tochi shouted. “So, you and Vivian are behind this illusion. I can’t believe this! What have i ever done to both of you?!” she stood up angrily looking woozy. “Oh, God, so i accused Wisdom wrongly. I just hope he forgives me. Where is my phone?!” she asked in a hurry then remembered that she left it at home. She wanted to run home but came back to Kingsley. “Please, you will help me tell Wisdom the truth. Abeg you in the name of God!”
“No problem” Kingsley replied before she ran out but came back again.
“Please, don’t allow Vivian to know, please” she said.
“Okay” Kingsley replied. She ran out but came back for the third time.
“Even Linda, don’t tell her or she will fight Vivian instantly, okay?” she pleaded.
“Okay” Kingsley replied again before she finally ran home to get her phone.
Kingsley sat alone at the lonely place feeling like a betrayer. But he couldn’t bear Tochi’s tears which was actually the reason why he told her the truth. Suddenly, Linda arrived.
“Have you seen Tochi?” she asked him without smiling.
“She has gone home” he replied without smiling too.
“I can’t tell you”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean exactly what i said”
Linda disdained him and sat beside him spacing out to another angle then hissed. Kingsley glanced at her occasionally feeling her anger on him probably because he had been a closed friend to Vivian.
Few minutes later, Tochi arrived. Her heart skipped when she saw Linda because she knew what she can do if the information get to her.
“Why did you go home?” Linda stood up.
“To collect my phone” Tochi replied without looking at her as she dialed Wisdom’s number. She flashed him then he called back instantly before she handed the phone to Kingsley. Linda was confused when both watched Kingsley talking to Wisdom.
“O-girl what is it nah?” Linda asked Tochi curiously.
“Calm down” she replied then they listened to Kingsley as he explained everything to Wisdom.
“Which girl is Kingsley talking about?” Linda asked.
“Vivian” Tochi replied.
“Can you explain more?”
“Calme down”
“Oooh, why are you telling me to calm down?!” she hit her feet angrily on the ground. Suddenly Kingsley came over and handed the phone to Tochi. She took it to a distance while he stood beside Linda.
“Wisdom?” Tochi called. “Please, I’m sorry for..”
“No, don’t” Wisdom interrupted. “I should be the one apologizing. I actually met Vivian in their house when i got there with Mr Anuma for a particular signature. From there she took a selfee with me behaving strange. I didn’t have anything in mind”
“I understand you. Please, forgive me too”
“Is okay, i promise nothing will ever separate us again”
“I promis you too”
“I love you so much” Wisdom said then Tochi looked around to check the presence of teachers before she replied, “I love you too”
“Most of all, take your studies seriously”
“I will, you can call me with this line”
“You now have a phone?!”
“Of course, I’m now a big girl” they laughed before the line went dead. She went to Kingsley when she saw Linda hurrying out.
“What did U tell Linda?” she asked.
“Everything” Kingsley replied.
“Oh! I told you not to tell her!” they pursued her instantl
Meanwhile, Linda had met Vivian in d classroom where she was operating her phone. She tapped her nd gave her a hot slap immediately she turned.

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