The unexpected love season 2 episode 31

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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 31
Esther wore a pajamas ready to sleep. Before she slept, she flashed Chester who called back immediately.
“Hello my love” she said to Chester’s surprise.
“Please i..”
“Wait let me finish” she interrupted him. “I called you my love because i love you so much but my mum always tell me one thing, that if a man is not meant for a girl, he will not stay. So i believe you were not meant to stay despite my love for you..”
“I will always stay and stand by you” Chester interrupted. “You are the only one i love and I’m not gonna leave you”
“What about your fiance?”
“She’s not my fiance. She’s only forcing herself to me and she probably told you that for you to break-up with me. Please trust and believe me”
Esther remained quiet for a while and said, “I believe you and i think i trust you too”
“That’s my girl, i love you so much”
“I love you too, Bye”
“Bye my sweetheart”
Esther smiled and cut the call. She was relieved from the heart broken because she heard him out.
On the other hand, Vivian called Wisdom which she had been doing recently but warned by him to stop calling but she persisted.
“Hi love” Vivian began on the phone. “I only want to hear your voice. Very soon, i mean very soon, i will join you over there” she waited for him to replied but Wisdom remained mute. “Are you still upset with me? Please, I’m sorry for all the lies i told you. It’s because i love you so much”
“But i don’t love you! How many times will i say it?!” Wisdom shouted.
“When i come over to London you will develop it, okay?”
Wisdom exhaled deeply and cut the call then Vivian began heartbroken and angry. She looked at herself in the mirror and said silently, “So, is because of Tochi that Wisdom is behaving like this” she gently laid in her bed staring at the ceiling in thought. “If only Tochi remain in existence, i don’t think Wisdom will ever accept me. That means if Tochi dies i will have all the freedom to take over his heart especially when i finally travel to London. But wait oh, what if Tochi make nine As? Hmm, i won’t allow that to happen. I will poison her instantly” she concluded in thought.
Most of the waec candidates gathered in front of the principal’s office to know the outcome of their result. Linda stood closely with Kingsley with her hands round his arms looking at the office in anticipation.
“Relax!” Kingsley told her.
“I will not oh until i see my result” she replied.
“Then why didn’t you check online”
“I don’t have money”
“Then relax”
Linda held him tightly while Tochi stood behind them also waiting patiently and sometimes smiled at Linda’s behavior. She turned her head just see Vivian seating quietly operating her phone and looking classic. Their eyes caught together but none of them said a word rather possessed a disdainful look. Suddenly, Mr Anuma and the principal came out from the office which made everybody to concentrate.
“I’m proud of you all” Mr Nelson began. “Is not easy to obtain a ‘C’ in waec examination note to talk of an ‘A’ but today, i have the list of candidates who will be going to London to have a quality and a better education”
Hearing that, Vivian and Tochi glanced at each other while Linda’s heart nearly jumped out from her chest. Only Kingsley was smiling.
“Here are the names” the principal opened a paper and adjusted his eyeglasses. “Santo Kingsley” he called and students shouted and clapped for him as he climbed the pavement.
“Oh Lala! This boy is loquacious but also brilliant!” Mr Anuma shouted.
“The second person is Luster Vivian” the principal called and the students shouted in amazement then Tochi’s heart sank into her stomach. Vivian looked at her in a mockery way as she climbed the pavement too.
“The last person is Desmond Tochukwu”
“Oh Lala! Oh Lala!!” Mr Anuma shouted continuously as he watched Linda embraced Tochi happily before she climbed up too. She could see Vivian frowning her face but didn’t care.
“Now, Listen” the principal closed the paper. “All of you credited your results, some even had up to five to six As. So never to worry, I’m proud of you all” he concluded.
“I saw it coming!” Mr Anuma shouted. “Who would have believed that Desmond will make it? But she has made it because she had the zeal and passion to learn and study! Please, a round of applause for them” students started clapping.
After sometimes, Vivian began to look for a way to carry out her plans to poison Tochi. So she met her with Linda and Kingsley. They were surprised to see her.
“What are you doing here?!” Linda shouted at her.
“I have come to apologize” Vivian replied with a low voice.
“Well, apology not accepted!”
“Linda!” Tochi called.
“Hapu’m aka biko! I don’t like her!” she defended.
Vivian wanted 2 leave but Tochi called her back and forgave her likewise Linda and Kingsley then she invited them to her house for a celebration party in order to carryout her plans..

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