The unexpected love season 2 episode 35

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(Tochi in school)
Season 2
Episode 35
Vivian suddenly kept quiet shedding tears in shame while everybody remained speechless in silence.
“I can’t believe this?!” Tochi exclaimed stepping out. “Why would you even think of hurting me talk more of taking my life after i forgave you? I’m so disappointed in you! Now, tell me why you choose to kill me. Is it because of Wisdom?” she asked and Vivian nodded her head positively.
“Heehh!” the people shouted.
“I can’t believe you are this heartless and dangerous!” Tochi continued but pause without knowing what else to say or do, then she turned to Linda and Kingsley. “Let’s get out of here” she concluded walking towards the door.
“Aren’t we calling the police?” a boy asked but nobody answered.
“You deserve to die, nonsense!” Linda concluded and poured the wine on her face. Then everybody began to leave.
Just then, Mrs Luster came back. She was surprised to see people leaving the house so soon.
“What’s going on?” she asked.
“Ask your daughter” one of them replied.
Only the DJ remained in the sittingroom trying to gather his appliances. He managed to put them on his head and walked towards the door to see Mr Luster coming in.
“DJ, what is the problem?” she asked.
“Madam, i no dey play again. Your daughter tried to poison somebody” he replied and adjusted his falling jean trouser with a hand.
“You are joking, right?”
“Madam, i look like person wey dey joke? See your daughter for there, ask her. As for me, ana’m” he moved out briskly towards the gate continuously dragging the trouser up. As he tried to open the gate, the trouser finally fell down exposing his boxers.
“Hey, which kind music wey i come play today that even the gate want to naked me. Chai! Chukwu amamkwe!!” he dragged it up and took the next available cab to his house immediately.
Mrs Luster met Vivian still standing at the same spot shedding tears, then she asked, “Vivian, what am i hearing?” but she kept quiet. “Is it true that you tried to poison somebody?” yet, Vivian didn’t say anything. “Who did you try to kill and why?!” the mother shouted for the third time and slapped her making her to cry the more.
“Let’s see how your father will feel about this” she brought out her phone to call her husband then Vivian fell on her knees.
“Mummy, please, don’t tell Daddy!”
“You must be stupid. For goodness sake why would you take another person’s life?!”
“Because of Wisdom”
“Who’s Wisdom?!” the mother shouted then she began to explain..
Linda, Tochi, Kingsley and Mrs Desmond sat quietly at the backyard when Linda narrated what happened recently. Mrs Desmond wanted to take an action by going to Mr Luster’s house but they prevented and calmed her down.
“How can a small girl like that think of such a thing?” she had earlier said.
“But wait oh!” Linda looked at Kingsley. “How did you know that the drink was poisoned?” she asked.
“I didn’t know” he replied then Linda looked at Tochi. “I only assumed because of what i inquired about the dream i had last night” he added and began to narrate his dream and inquiry…
Kingsley woke up that morning trying to figure out the meaning of the dream he had. He refused to take his breakfast and remained indoor looking worried till evening when his grandfather came in then he went out to welcome him.
“Kizito” the grandfather called. “You don’t look happy. By the way, where is your father?”
“He has gone out, papa”
“I heard you past your exams and will be going to obodo oyibo”
“Yes, Papa”
“Thank you, papa” Kingsley replied without smiling sitting opposite his grandfather.
“So, tell me what troubles you my son?”
“Papa, i had a terrible dream last night. I saw my friend bleeding from the mouth and shedding. It was as if she was dead an suddenly she disappeared into the darkness”
The grandfather exhaled deeply and touched his grey hair. Then he leaned forward and said, “My son, god has just reviled to you what is about to happen to your friend. When you have such a dream seeing blood coming out from somebody’s mouth, know that the person is about to be killed with a poison!”
Kingsley opened his eyes widely. “Papa, i don’t understand” he said.
“See my son, God talk to people in different ways. He has just talked to you that your friend is about to be poisoned by someone either through a drink or food. But the question is: Who wants to poison your friend?”
Hearing the question, Kingsley began to think very fast. “Oh my God! Vivian!” he shouted and rushed into his room to call Linda but his phone was off then he ran out quickly to Mr Luster’s resident.
“So that’s how i assumed that the drink was poisoned” Kingsley concluded.
“I had the same dream!!” Linda exclaimed. “I saw Tochi crying with blood in her mouth!”
“Hey!” Mrs Desmond shouted while tears circled in Tochi’s eyes. She gradually went on her knees looking up in the sky and said, “God i bless your name. Thank you so much oh!”

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