Throwback Thursday. Tale of a private lesson teacher episode 20

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“notin ma” i replied. “Don’t tell me i
was the one who caused it. Was I?”, no Ma “i replied”. All this young boys of this generation sef!, Nawaoooo, Anyways, you can go. Goodnite” said madam.

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I walked out of the room feeling ashamed of my self. I went to my room and was wondering the kind of eyes wey madam go dey take look me, i’m not sure if she will trust me with her girls anymore. She might even sack me, i kept picturing her next strike
action against me. I couldnt sleep till around past 11pm. My phone rang, i checked the screen, it was madam calling. I was scared of picking it not until the 4th time it rang, then I took the courage to pick.
ME: hello ma.
MADAM: why are you not picking my calls?.
ME: My phone was on silence. I just noticed it ma.
MADAM: OK, how are u?, thanks for the system arrangement.
ME: you are welcome ma.
MADAM: Pls i need another help right now. My back is acheing seriously. Come and help me with a massage!.

I got to the door, I noticed it wasn’t locked. I only knocked once and she told me to come in. Madam was still wearing her towels around her body with hair net on her head. She was sitting on her bed.
“Welcome onihaxy”
Thanks ma.
“I back is acheing me seriously”
Sorry about that ma. “Help me to apply this robb”. She gave me the robb, lied flat on her chest with her a$$ and
back facing the ceiling underneath her towel. I opend the robb, knelt down on the bed and applied it gently on the opened area on top of her back. My D¡¢k was gaining errrection but she
couldn’t noticed it because she was facing the other side.
I continued with the back robbing/massage still maintaining the upper region not until she was giving out a silent moan, she adjusted her towel and made it loose a bit and she told me to robb it down a little. On hearing this, my D¡¢k made a full “180degrees
straightline”. I moved down a bit on a back. This time I wasn’t massaging but tickling her gently with my nails. The moan was increasing and she was telling me to move it downward to the
upper part of her a$$, as I was doing so, she opened the music app on her phone and started playing songs at a high volume.
For the next 5minutes, I was massaging and tickling the back while my D¡¢k was fully erect. She wasn’t saying anything again but just moaning softly.
“How do I get to Bleep this woman now?” Was the thought on my mind. The I increased the pace of my hands down to her as$, damn!!!, madam was wearing a light transparent blue pant. “This one na obstacle oooo, how I go scale through?”.

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