Throwback Thursday. Tale of a private lesson teacher episode 21

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As madam wasn’t speaking again but moaning, I ignored the pant and moved my hand to the exposed end of her Bottom, I concentrated on this area for a long time moving my hand TO
and fro from her a$$ to her back. It got to a time madam was jerking slowly and quietly, when I moved my hand backward to the exposed part of her Bottom, I noticed a fluid stain on the
lower part of her pant then I knew she must have released. I was stylishly inserting my hands in the sides of the pants at intervals each time I navigate my hands to the area, after a while, I gained full access to her pusssy tongue but pulling her pant to one side with my hands. She jerked and moaned heavily as my hand touches the pusssy tongue. I located her cliit and was handling it from the back with my hands. She was moaning and jerking. I
slid in my fingers into the hole and was performing the finger magic. I took much time like 10minutes fingeriing while she was approaching at intervals. I just don’t have the liver to fucck her,
but I just maintained the manipulation. Her moans was now at different tempo. Suddenly she turned over, facing up with her bosoms and looked at me, I felt ashamed at first and felt like
stopping and walking out. But I don’t know where the courage came from, I grabbed her left bosom and started sucking while I squeeze the right bosom. The moan was getting louder that it was competing with the volume of the music, I was switching the
bosom at intervals, it got to a time that she was pressing my head on her bosom that I hardly breathe.
I left the left bosoms and concentrate my mouth on the right one while I moved my left hand down underneath her panties, I pushed it aside and resumed finger fuccking. She was making sounds that I began to be afraid incase gideon comes in, I looked
at the door and noticed it wasn’t locked. After another 2minutes of finger bleeping, I tried removing her pants and she said “STOP”, I was scared, she said “what are you trying to do?,

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