Throwback Thursday, Tale of a private lesson teacher episode 25

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She was in her transparent night gown revealing her underwear when I opened the door. She was standing at the entrance holding her laptop
MADAM: why aren’t you picking my calls?
ME: I’m sorry ma. The phone was on silence and I slept off.
MADAM. Ok no problem. That means you didn’t get my text.
ME: at all ma.
MADAM: ok, I called you to help me check my system, it was hanging. I thought you don’t want to come to my room anymore, that’s why I brought it here for you.
ME: ok ma**stretched my hand to collect the system***.
Goodnight ma.
MADAM: wait a minute, I want to chat with you. She entered my room and sat on the chair opposite my bed while
I sat on the bed.
MADAM: back to what happened last night, where did you get the courage from?.
ME: what courage ma?, I don’t understand
MADAM: like seriously, I only called you for a massage, and you end up manipulating my body to the extent that I was lost in ecstacy, I couldn’t resist you when you manipulated, sucked, and eventually fuccked me. It was when you were done that I came
back to my senses.
ME: ***silence and looking down****
MADAM: talk to me young man, you don’t even have any feelings that I am up to your mother, now tell me, are you into sugar-mummies?
ME: no ma.
MADAM: you have been having sex with older women?.
ME: no ma.
MADAM: how come you were that good, hot and energetic to the extent that you were so difficult to resist?
ME: it just happened that way ma.
MADAM: you weren’t even scared of contacting HIV? Or getting me pregnant?
ME: ****raised eye brow****, I was lost also ma, and I found it difficult to resist you ma.
MADAM: you are just something else that I don’t know how to describe. Anyways, I enjoyed you last night, it was the first time to felt that way after 8months that my husband travelled out of the country. infact, you touched me more than he do, maybe that’s why I couldn’t resist you.
ME: I’m sorry about that ma.
MADAM: no problems, let’s just count it as an accident. And let’s just pretend as if nothing happened , and no other person must know about it apart from you and I. I’m old enough to be your
mother and you should safeguard your destiny from sugar-mummies.
ME: ok ma, thanks.
MADAM: you are welcome. When you are through with the system, return it to my room this night.
ME: ok ma,. *****closed the door while she walked out*****
I checked the system and found out that nothing was wrong with it and decided to return it back to her. On getting there, the door wasn’t locked and I was hearing the sound of a playing movie. I knocked once and entered, I met her sitting on the bed, resting her back on the wall and spreading her legs.
ME: I have fixed it ma.
MADAM: ok dear, thanks. Why not join me in watching this movie?
ME: I don’t feel like watching ma.
MADAM: common, don’t be silly, sit down here with me and watch.
ME: ok ma.
I sat down at the edge of the bed, watching with her. It was an english tragi-comedy movie. Each time there was a thrill, she will pat my my laps and laugh. At a point, I wasn’t concentrating on the movie again. Her touch on my laps and the sight of her
undies was giving me erections but I was covering my D¡¢k in between my laps. Atlast, the film ended and I was about going when she said. “Pls wait. Help me to apply this ointment on my
back, it seems I’m having rashes” giving me a “Nixoderm tube”.
She removed her night gown at the top, exposing the back while the bra is still on. She sat own on the bed and turned her back to me and was playing music on her android phone. I knelt on the bed behind her and was applying the ointment. Each time I moved my hand up and down, my D¡¢k erect the more. As I was rubbing, I was losing the hook of her bra stylishly in the pretence that the bra straps is obstructing my application and she was silent about it. After the last hook was removed, I didn’t know what came up to me, I slid my hand into the bra and grabbed her bosom from the back. She moaned. On hearing the moan, I said to myself “chaiii, e don set!!!”. I continued squeezing both bosom
as her moan was increasing. I turned her around and hooked her Tip with my mouth and gave it a suck of life. The scenario lasted for 10mins of sucking and finger fuccking, she was moaning and cummed twice. After the 10th minute, she said “STOP!, that is
enough before you loose control,. I replied “ok ma”.
MADAM: but why is it that I find it hard to resist you.
ME: nothing ma.
MADAM: I so much enjoyed it, you are a genius.
ME: thanks ma***i stood up from the bed***
MADAM: but don’t let this happen again, I’m old enough to be your mother.
ME: ok ma, I’m sorry ma.
MADAM: no problem, goodnight
ME: goodnight.*** I walked out of the room and went to my room***.

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