Throwback Thursday. Tale of a private lesson teacher episode 26

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Sunday morning, we went to our separate churches. After church,
I went to see a friend before returning home to white house by 6pm. Janet had arrived before my return and we were gisting and chatting about what happened during the exams. She resumed her cooking until tuesday when sikirat arrived from ilorin. Now
the white house was full again,
During the week of janet and sikirat’s arrival, I thought of everything that transpired between me and the entire white house, I thought of what would happen if the 3 of them finds out about me, then I concluded that the best way to maintain my game and dignity is to move back to my house which I did in the following weekend.
Janet’s result came out after 3weeks of exam and she scored 237, madam was so happy that she showered me with gifts, cash, and pats on my lap. Janet begged me to continue staying in the
white house for her own interest but I declined telling her my landlord was complaining about my absence at home and also, my properties aren’t safe in my long-absence. Madam also pleaded for me to stay and prepare janet for her post ume. I was amazed for hearing this, I never knew madam could compel me to stay. After long discussion, I agreed to be staying over once in a while but not fully like before. Sikirat and I resumed our market days
meetings, janet will also visit twice a week on my safe days “non-market days”. My lesson sessions was going on smoothly with janet as she was preparing for post UME. White house
became my second home as I was staying comfortably at both places. My sexcapades with janet and sikirat was going smoothly, though sikirat is always suspicious and complaining
about my closeness with janet but I keep assuring her that nothing was going on between us.
More importantly, madam and I had 4 sessions of accidental hotsex sessions within 4 months in the white house. It was either she calls me inside to fix something in her room, or she gives me laptop to sort out and tell me to return it to her in her room and sex will come up accidentally . Janet couldn’t suspect us because madam treated me nicely like a son. One thing is common about madam. After each accidental sex, she will keep saying, “I don’t know why I found it so difficult to resist your look and touch and you know I’m old to be your mother. You are making me an adulterer.”
After janet’s post ume, something
Few weeks after janet’s post ume. It was a market day and I was at home as usual waiting for my lovely sikirat to come.. I had spread a new bed sheet and sprayed air freshener as usual. At
about 9am, sikirat arrived. She helped me in preparing soup with the ingredients I had purchased earlier in the day. The cooking lasted till few minutes to 10am that we started a lesson session.
After the english and math tutorial, we sat down together on my bed and started gisting. One thing led to another and our lips found each other, cloths was ripped off and we were Unclad. The passionate kiss led to a romantic handling of her bosom, I
grabbed it and was performing my tongue magic on it while finger fuccking her Kitty-Cat. After 5 minutes of the pre-intimacy, she turned upside down, sleeping on her sideways forming a 69 position with me. I lifted up her left leg a bit for better mouth
experience as she was doing mouth-job on my D¡¢k down there. I knew where to touch on sikirat’s body, she enjoyed it better when her clit is teased than when her pusssy hole is “tongued”. I
was teasing and sucking her clit as she was nodding on her D¡¢k vigorously. She was jerking and moaning louder at sweet tempos. At a point, she pushed me over making me face the ceiling and she knelt down on my mouth, positioning her pusssy on my lips as she bent forward to speak to my erected D¡¢k. I was doing the mouth-job as she was doing deep penetration D¡¢k sucking down there. As the noise was getting louder, I increased the volume of the music playing on my sound system with the remote on my mattress. Sikirat was jerking ontop of my mouth and pressing her pusssy over me making it difficult for me to
breath. I was enjoying her mouth action down there to the extent that I cummed into her mouth. “Hmmmyaaamaaa” why didn’t you tell me you want to release? Said sikirat. She stood up, went to the toilet to spit it out. before she returned, the Attention was reducing.
Sikirat said “Why is it going down?, did I tell you I’m satisfied?”. “Chaiii, this girl no go kill me”. She knelt down on the floor by the edge of the bed and started hand-job on the lazy sleeping D¡¢k. Before I knew it, D¡¢kson was rising again. It was then I knew the
power of seduction. As D¡¢kson was erecting, she was complementing it with her mouth by sucking and licking it until it gained full Attention. She picked my condom at the usual place,
tore the nylon and inserted it on the D¡¢k. She climbed up the bed and sat on it riding it up and down. I was carried away with the fuccking that I didn’t sense any trouble ahead.
After few minutes into the “girl ontop riding”, I began to hear a strange sound. I ignored at first thinking it was from the stereo. But the sound keep coming, it was then I realized it was a knock on my door.
****who could that be?, I wasn’t expecting anyone. “I thought”****. I pushed sikirat away ontop of me. I could see a look of dissatisfaction on her face as she was lieing Unclad
beside me while my condom was still on my D¡¢k. I lowered the sound system and asked “who is there?.”. A voice answered from outside, Its me JANET!!,

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