Throwback Thursday. Tale of a private lesson teacher episode 29

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The next day which was monday, I got to the white house and met janet sitting in the living room, the moment she opened the door and I entered, she hissed on me and inserted an earpiece into her ear. I sat down beside her and tried to talk to her, she looked at me and said “see ogbeni, I have written my jamb and post Ume so I don’t need lesson again, you can now go out and come back when my brother arrives” she hissed again and walked into her room.I was confused on whether to follow her into her room, or walk out of the house, or stayed inside the living room and wait till gideon arrived. I picked my phone to call her but she was rejecting the call. One thing about janet was that she was naturally arrogant, rude and bossy. Whenever she was angry, it has always been to the extreme and she can destroy anything whenever she is angry.. Sikirat opened the door of her room. I turned to the direction of her room and saw her smiling at me at the entrance and she closed the door. I was so angry within myself and I sent a long whatsapp message to janet, telling her how rude and arrogant she was. I told her how disappointed I was. I told her how she didn’t bother to listen to my explanations, how she refused picking my calls and how she left me heartbroken. I told her if it was a sin to help someone in need. I was just typing out of anger and frustration and I made sure I expressed my mind on the text and I left.

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At 4pm, I came back to tutor gideon and I ignored janet all through. I didn’t even great her not to talk of chating with her before I left the house in the evening. On getting home, I called her mother to tell her what janet said about not doing lesson again. Madam said she will get back to me on saturday when we see..on tuesday again, I ignored janet all through my lesson session with gideon. Thursday was the next market day. Sikirat and I hanged out at our new meeting point. We chat and gist about everything. One thing about sikirat was that she was lively and funny with her ilorin accent, I would always have a reason to laugh. We agreed to limit our Lessons to friday nights if no one is at home, so no visitation at my house till further notice and we agreed to be patient till janet secured admission and left the house.

On saturday, after gideon’s lesson. Madam,Janet and I sat in the living room to discuss about the matter, janet insisted that she wasn’t interested in lesson again because she has no exams to write. Madam agreed with her and we concluded that I will be tutoring only gideon and my salary will reduce to 10k .Janet and I maintained 5 weeks of malice and silence. The more I tried to make peace with her, the more she act proud and arrogant. After many trials,I gave up on janet and stick to sikirat. Around october, something happened, janet couldn’t meet up with the cut of mark of “Bio-chemistry” in the University she applied for and she doesn’t want to go to polytechnic,madam called me and told me about it, I felt so bad and I advised her to obtain a “Pre-degree form for janet”. On saturday of the same week, madam informed me that I should resume lesson with janet so as to prepare her for the pre-degree exams”, and again, I should stay in the white house till the day of the exams for adequate tutoring. I was surprised on hearing this, but what amazed me most was that janet was sitting right there beside madam and was staring at me in silence. My resumption into the house led me into another trouble…………..

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