Throwback Thursday. Tale of a private lesson teacher final episode

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I went back home with a mixed feelings.
“Should I let go of Janet and face sikirat only?”
“But sikirat is a local girl”.
“But I gained a lot form sikirat despite her been local”.
I stopped think and asking myself questions. I picked my phone and started bombarding Janet with apology sms, whatsapp messages, voice messages. After 2 weeks of series of apology. She finally forgave me and we continued the relationship.

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I got a job with a delivery service in november and I quit the lesson job, janet got admission and resumed to school in january. Sikirat was now free to visit me whenever market days falls on weekend. White house became my second home as I used to visit every 2 weekends but I don’t sleep over since the arrival of janet’s father around february. Janet would always stop by at my place and spend 2days before going to the white house. It has always been sessions of sex capades with the two girls. In April, Janet’s daddy travelled out again and I get to Bleep madam always on any slight opportunity. Though she never stop saying “onihaxy!!, and you know that I am old enough to be your mother, you are seriously making me and adulterer!!!!” And yet, she would never resist me whenever I make the magic move.

.*********THE END*****************

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