Throwback Tuesday. Bro paul episode 5

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Eunice got back to her room, closed up the door and began to cry, she would check her skin over and over again every minutes hoping to see leprosy on her spotless skin, she switched of her phone and neither paul nor valentine was able to reach her, after hours of crying, she thought of it that it would be better for her to go to paul and confess her sins maybe paul would be able to pray to God on her behalf.
The next day in school, Eunice was sad and scared of relating her sins to paul. Paul also was wondering what could have went wrong with eunice because the sad look was obvious on her face. After closing for the day, Eunice followed paul to his apartment. On getting inside, eunice began to cry, paul was worried about what could have happened. He pulled eunice closer and said “whatever it is, please stop crying and tell me about it please. Eunice minimised her crying after several pleas and cuddling. She took the boldness to start a conversation. “Paul, you see, ehhhhmm, I don’t know how to say it, ehhhhm” eunice was stammering. “Pls just say it in any way you can please” paul whispered silently.
” Ehm paul. I know it is not morally and religiously right to say this, you know, we are humans, though I am religious but not up to your level, you know………..” Eunice was beating around the bush.
“Eunice, please just hit the nail at the head”
Paul said.
” Ehm paul, atimes, I used to have this feelings of kissing you, holding you tight, feeling your heartbeat, laying my head on your chest but………………………….” Eunice began to cry again. Paul pulled her closer, wiped her tears and looked into her eyes. “Eunice my love, don’t speak further, I knew what you wanted to say, I just don’t want to jump at it. “Really, eunice was nervous, thinking that holy spirit had revealed to paul about her lovemaking with val…….”, paul replied ” yes dear, I understand how you feel, I felt your pain. The truth is that the pain is mutual, I’m not also comfortable here. Doing all these things you said isn’t a problem to me. But my main problem is that it would give me sexual arousal and urges which will make us thirsty to have sex. And you still remembered the vow?”. Eunice nodded.
“So eunice, I just felt it would be better not to perceive the aroma of the food we can’t eat. I told God to strike us with leprosy and epilepsy any moment we have sexual intercourse, and I’m not ready to face God’s wrath”. Eunice’s heart beats faster on hearing about the vows again, she became restless and asked “you mean when YOU and I having sex?” Paul replied “Yes”. She asked again, you mean “YOU and I?”, paul replied again “YES, is there any problem”?. “NO” said eunice.
She hugged paul and felt relieved inside of her with the thoughts that since it wasn’t between paul and her, she was save. Paul also cuddled her and promised to be romantic in a moderate way that won’t raise any sexual urge.
Eunice returned home with relieve in her heart. She switched on her phone and saw 15 apology texts from valentine. 3 days later, she forgave val and they resumed their intimate friendship, val was surprised that eunice no longer resist him again whenever its time to make love………………………….

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