Throwback tuesdays: sex, robbery, and delivery service . episode 7 and 8.

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Throwback Tuesday.

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Sex, robbery and delivery service.

Episode 7 and 8.

“Follow me”.
Who are you?
“Labake sent me”.
I was so scared, but I took the courage to follow her,
“what ever I do or say, just be silent”
I nodded in agreement and went into the reception with her. The receptionist welcomed us and we both replied.
UNKNOWN LaDY: I and my husband need a room pls.
ME: ***husband!!! “Shocked”
RECEPTIONIST: normal room or executive?
UNKNOWN LADY: normal single room.
RECEPTIONIST: ****fills in the receipt*** what is the name?
UNKNOWN LADY: Mr and miss johnson.
ME: ***johnson?. Scared***
RECEPTIONIST: here is the key to your room. Room 56.
She paid the money and took the receipt with the key. , we climbed upstairs to room 56 and I was shocked but I just took the courage to follow her. She opened the room, we sat down on the bed and she made a call on her phone. All I could hear was “yes, he is here, room 56”. I asked her about the call, the change of name and the couple drama she acted at the reception but she replied that my guest will explain better. She asked if I will take anything and I said NO.
I picked my phone to call Adenike but her number was still unreachable, I began to be afraid if anything hadn’t happened to her. 6minutes later, someone knocked on the door, the unknown lady opened the door and labake came inside. On seeing her, I was scared and it was as if the ground should open.
The unknown girl excused us and I was left in the room with labake. She wore a blue round neck top and a tight long jeans trouser. She sat down beside me and I adjusted a little bit away from her as my heart was beating heavily.
LABAKE: onihaxy, why are you running away from me, I can’t harm you my love.
ME: uncomfortable. “Yes ma”.
LABAKE: **drew closer and placed her hands on my shoulder***. Don’t call me MA, I am still your baby. You see, I was suprised to see you last night after 4years, infact you need to know how happy I was.
ME: **stammering**, happy? And you slapped me?
LABAKE: **laughed out loud***. I’m so sorry my dear, but which one would you prefer, a gun trigger to silence you for ever or a slap that silenced you for a while and prevented you from death?.
ME: *** chuckles*****.
LABAKE: once again, I’m so sorry dear, I only did that to save your life.
ME: so why am I here?, I’m scared please.
LaBaKE: scared of what?
ME: of everything. I don’t know what you want from me, I don’t understand the parcel issue and I don’t understand the whole drama that happened today.
LABAKE: ***laughed again****. You see, let me start from today’s scenerio.
My team knows and recognises you and if they see you and I together, you will be tagged a threat and intruder and the bad news is that “you will be Killed”. If our rival team also sight you and I together, you are not safe also and you might be killed. All I did today was to save your life once again.
ME: **shocked and amazed****. Who are you?, who is your team?, who is the rival team? And why are you all after me? And why are you into robbery?.
LABAKE: **patted me on my shoulder** my love, I will give you detailed explanations later but the most important thing right now is the parcel and I knew quite alright that the parcel is with you. Baby pls tell me, where did you keep it?.

Months after months, labake and I were getting along. We do have quarrel most times due to the train of guys flocking around her, I would always complain about it and she would always yell at me saying “aren’t you supposed to be happy that your girl is so pretty to the extent that guys flock around her?”. I tried to adapt and adjust to the new trend as she promised and assured me that nothing on earth will make her to stop loving me. We continued the affair till the end of our 200level.
First semester 300level, labake’s taste increased. She now seemed to be more expensive. More demands were coming in from her. She changed her cream to a higher priced cream, she wanted to use latest designers, she wanted to “t.ush up” her room and so many more. Since I loved her so much and she was my first love and only love, I had no choice than to adapt to the new demands.
I lied to my parents, doubled my school fees, framed up lies on hand-outs and materials all because I wanted to please labake. Before mid semester, I had emptied my account. I couldn’t buy anything for myself again but rather buy cloths, shoes and make ups for her just to please labake and make her look good. I was having the kind of mindset that “if I can’t please my girl and ensured she look good, other guys out there may use the same needs to snatch her away from me. My greatest fear was loosing labake because I so much love her..
First semester 400level, labake became something else. She wanted phones every 5months, she told me she wanted a laptop, the demands were super high that I couldn’t bear anymore. Infact, my parents were in debts due to my excessive manipulation of money from them in the quest of pleasing labake. I told my family that I would be needing 80k for my project that would cost me less than 20k in real life. Yet, labake was seeming to become “un-pleaseable” with the excessive demands.
When I couldn’t bear it anymore, I took the courage and faced labake to tell her that I was getting uncomfortable with her demands.
ME: labake, please bear with me, I don’t have much on me this days to meet your demands.
LABAKE:**** She put on a straight face and said “its ok dear, you can keep your money, I will sort out things on my own.”
ME : ***raised eye brow*** what do you mean?.
LABAKE: its not as if I don’t have other means, there are men who always offer me money with no strings attached but I always turn down their offers telling them that my fiance is capable of pleasing me financially.
ME: ****felt sad and broke-hearted**** so what are you insinuating now?
LABAKE: nothing, I will be collecting money and gifts from anyone who offers me so that I won’t be bothering you again.
Before I knew it, labake started picking strange calls from different men as weeks go by. She put password on her phone and restricted me from knowing her movements. Most times, I would hear from her neighbours that a car used to pack infront of her house and she was always seen in the car with a man. Before the end of first semester, labake and I started having problems and misunderstandings.

>>>> To be continued <<<<<<<
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