Tormented : Episode 2

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Episode two

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“come and get it,” the creature started running with the baby. Esther followed suit with all her power. They were running through a forest.
“I stop you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! “Esther thundered as the statement shook the forest causing the creature to stagger.
“How dare you try to stop me? ” it said in rage. ” let me see how you will get this baby ” it laughed wickedly and hopped on the back of one of the birdlike creature and it was about taking off….
” release that child in the name of JESUS ” she screamed causing the creatures hand to shake and the baby fell off…
“Nooooooooooooo”the creature screamed angrily
Esther dived in attempt to catch the child when she was woken up by her husband’s touch
“Esty are you alright?” Martins asked worriedly. ” you have been sweating profusely  and screaming at different intervals, is there a problem? ”
“God saved our unborn baby in a dream where an evil creature wanted to feast with it, He delivered my baby… Thank you lord “she waved her hand into the air saying words of thanks that were not audible.
“God is alive and it’s only a fool that will think otherwise “Martins said patting Esther’s back. She was sweating profusely so her night gown was soaked to the skin .
“you need to take a shower, you’re sweating too much ”
She stood up and walked to the bathroom; They had left Benjamin’s room earlier.
Martins was to reading a Christian daily devotional when his phone rang out.
“Hello good morning ” Martins greeted
“Good morning sir, I’m from Scholars Academy, the boarding school, your son attends, we had a fire outbreak this early  morning that almost affected half of the boarding hostel. We plead that you come this instant, thank you ” the voice spoke and then ended the call simultaneously.
“God I know you are the only one who knows the affairs of all men, I give you all the glory. ” Martins said.
“what happened?” Esther asked worriedly.
Martins explained and then went to take his bath.
They got  ready and dropped  Benjamin for Bible study. It was a Saturday and the church organised a bible study class for children and young adults.
They zoomed to Scholars Academy. On getting there, there was heavy wave of black smoke coming from back of the school. they hurriedly ran into the school and then towards the hostel.. They saw all the house masters and mistresses, the boarding students, the  principal and the proprietress .. Some of the students where being administered treatment on. They saw Steven and his right arm was babdage
“Steven, what happened? “


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