Truck crushed a bike man's head (graphic pictures)

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As posted by a user.


So on my way to church(St Mary’s catholic church Ajegunle) this morining a bike man lost his
life this at Godo bus stop along Mba road,Ajegunle Apapa Lagos by
Julius Berger trailer and nothing
happened to the passenger who he was
carrying to church He was trying to overtake the trailer from
the right, but the trailer guy left his line
and was coming to the right and i don’t
know what made him(the bike) to lose
balance cause it happened so fast right in
front of me, i don’t know if it was the tin milk or if the trailer dragged his shirt
cause he was trying to dodge the trailer
and still want to overtake and when he
got to that electric poll, he(the bike)
slowed down when he knows that he
can’t overtake, and that’s how he lost his life…
Nobody came close except me, i dip my
hand in his pocket and brought out his I.D
and phone called his people with my
phone cause he has no credit and no one
picked except his mother who was with the elder brother’s phone cause they are
in the church, but i didn’t tell her what
happened to her son cause to don’t know
her health condition. I told her he had an
accident they should send a man to come
pick him up, and she send his elder brother, and that’s how we get to know
that Chukuemaka was there last born
with a pregnant wife. Thank God i didn’t
follow what the crowd said when they
told me to call his wife cause it’s not right
to call a woman in such matters… As for the driver, the bikers chased him to
the end of there office.
I don’t want to post the video here cause
it’s not something to watch.
Please, all you bikers and passengers, be
careful, cause as you all can see, there’s nothing in his head, his throat and his
lever came out too…
Bikers!!! Be careful


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