Under the sun episode 4

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she left my house that day with a sad face but I didn’t mind her at all.

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*flash back*

I tried to call nifemi, after several calls which her phone wasn’t going through.

*phone ringing*

Me:hello oo

Nifemi:hello good evening, who am I speaking with??

Me:its me, the guy who you meet days ago.

Nifemi: sorry I can’t recollect.

Me:am Niyi, I met you at night days ago.

Nifemi:oh, ok. I can remember now.

Me:sure. I have been calling your line fr the past 3days now, I thought you gave me a wrong number.

Nifemi: no, I couldn’t charge my phone there was no light.

Me:ok, well, my intention was to tell you, if we can see each other and have a nice convo.

Nifemi: pls what’s the meaning of convo.???

Me:lol, its a boy slangs, I mean conversation.

Nifemi:oh, OK then.

Me:let’s new tonight same place I saw you.

Nifemi: hmm.

Me:pls pls…


Me:hello??? Hello…(this girl hangup on me).

Waseman:what’s she saying?

Me:o boy, I am not sure if she’s gonna meet me oo.


Me:she hangup on me.

Waseman:hmm, its too early bro. You for never tell her you wan meet now.

Me:really? I didn’t think it that way bro.

Waseman:ehn, no p

Me:OK what will I do?

Waseman:you know what? When its that time around eight pm just give her a call and tell her you are there at that place. And if she did not come then you aren’t lucky.


It was past seven, i got off my bed, bed went straight to the bathroom. I finished bathing and came back inside too dress up. After about ten minutes, i bounced out of my room where waseman and I do stay. I walked down the street to where i met nifemi the other day. On getting there the boys at that hood started hailing me as usual.
I exchanged words of appreciation with them then I left them.

(I made the call)


Me:its me Niyi…

Nifemi: oh, OK. so…

Me:I am already at that spot we met yesterday.

Nifemi: I am not coming, pls what do you want from me?

Me: I just wanna have a word with you.

Nifemi:OK am listening.

Me:its not a phone conversation. I wanna see and talk to you face to face.


Me:its gonna show how serious it is seeing your face.

Nifemi:hmm, OK.

Me:should I wait.


Me:hello?, hello…

Me:why is this girl always hanging up on me, we haven’t had any conclusion yet (feeling angry) how can i handle such a girl with such manners.

I was thing maybe I should leave after about five minutes. As I began to walk back to my house. Having it in my that its gonna be my last time of calling nifemi since she isn’t interested in me. It is then I heard foot steps from behind then I turned back to see who it was. Behold it was nifemi, my heart jumped from where it was as if I won a lotto when i saymw nifemi but was really surprised seeing her in a night gown.

Me:(happy) hey? … Actually…

Nifemi:(interrupted) you tought I wouldn’t come right.

Me:yes, I almost gave up.

Nifemi:(smiled) and now I am here.

Me:OK, I appreciate. But I am really surprised seeing you in a night gown why?.

Nifemi:(smiled) you are standing in front of my house.

Me:(shocking surprise) really? Wow. Its amazing I never knew you were living around.

Nifemi:yes I am, infact i was looking at you through the window.

Me:(laughed) oh so you have seen me already.

Nifemi:yea. I did saw you.

Me:hmm, OK that is good. Well there is nothing new in what am about to say, i believe we are both matured so I just want to be more intimated with you.

Me: ehn, sincerely I have developed feelings for you which is difficult to hide. I hope to find the kind of woman I want in you.

Nifemi:hmm, meaning you want a relationship with me right?

Me:yes, exactly. that’s my point

Nifemi: (smiled) well, you don’t really know me, and its gonna be very difficult for your type to understand me.

Nifemi: so I don’t think we can be compatible.

Me:why?? What’s wrong with me??

Nifemi:you are a flashy guy and I am not that type of girl. I am a deeper life member.

Me:ehn!!!(shocked) deeper what???

Nifemi: you heard me right.

There is problem.



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