Unexpected love episode 21

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(Tochi in school)

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Episode 21
Wisdom gently placed the textbooks on the table without looking at Tochi. He glanced at the dictionary and said, “I never knew you have a dictionary”
“My neighbour gave it to me” she replied, she took a bit glance at him and admired his fair handsome face. “Why did you bring all these textbooks?” she asked.
“They are for you”
“For me?”
“Yes or don’t you like them?”
“I dey craze? I like them, thanks” Wisdom smiled at her words and brought out a current affairs booklet.
“What are we doing with current affairs?” Tochi asked.
“In quiz, questions come from different dimension but we are going to start with English-spellings and meanings”
“Oh Lala!” she exclaimed.
“Who taught you that?”
“Mr Anuma, he said it means Oh my God”
“I know, is a French language. Now, pick up your pen and book” Wisdom commanded with all seriousness and Tochi felt like a wife being instructed by her husband. Wisdom call many hard English words and told her the meanings. Sometimes, she tried to use the dictionary if she forgets any but Wisdom will prevent her making sure she remembers it. Sometimes they will drag the dictionary and laugh to the extent Wisdom hid the dictionary and if she fails any word he will hit her with the book romantically. Mrs Desmond, who came out few minutes later watched them from the door and shook her head negatively with smiles on her face.
“Spell EXPOSTULATE” Wisdom demanded, and Tochi look at him. She wanted to be carried away by his handsome face but she shook her head vigorously.
“EX-PO-STU-LA-TE” she stressed and began to spell. “E X P O S T U L A T” she concluded and looked at Wisdom.
“You missed a letter”
“That me must be later ‘E”
“Yes, you are correct, and it means to argue or to disagree about something” as he explained Tochi wrote it down..
Jennifer’s house wasn’t modernized. The roof was made with zinc while the walls were made with mud. But nobody could believe or notice it from how beautiful it looked. She sat outside with a stool and before her was another stool with a book on it. She tied a wrapper across her waist on a white singlet. One could see her fresh breast through the corner of her armpit. Suddenly, Calista appeared wearing a tight black skirt and also a white top.
“You have come to do approko, abi?” Jennifer joked.
“Na you be chief of approkos” she glanced into house and took a seat. “Is your mother around?” she lowered her voice.
“No, u seem scared, why?”
“I’m afraid of your mother oh”
“Why is everybody afraid of my mother?”
“Are you telling me that you don’t know why? Isn’t it because she’s..” she looked around and lowered her voice the more. “..because she’s very powerful doin all these diabolical and traditional things. With just a leaf she will give you, you will go gaga”
“Abeg stop it!” Jennifer defended. “My mother is only against her enemies”
“Hmm, that’s by the way, i know you will not harm that girl, Tochi on Monday”
“Hey!” Jennifer stood up and adjusted her wrapper. “The girl don die for my hand! I must kill her! As for Wisdom, he must surely regret. I will make sure of that”
“But don’t conclude oh”
“What do you mean?”
“You don’t know if they are dating”
“I don’t care! I saw enough evidence yesterday! Because of that little rat Wisdom rejected me” she hissed.
“Hmm, take it easy oh” Calista concluded.
The day was getting dark when Wisdom was already through with the lesson and Tochi escorted him. They could see the light of vehicles and hear a music, #CONNECT by #PHYNO a popular igbo rapper playing at a nearby shop. A boy with a sagged trouser and handkerchief in his hand shook his waist and danced dramatically at the beat. They got to a lonely place where Tochi had to go back and Wisdom held her hand and looked into her eyes.
“I hope to see you becoming smarter than what i experienced today” he said.
“Trust me nah” she smiled and Wisdom saw it by the help of a light from a moving vehicle.
“Alright, i have to go” he said.
“Thank you very much” Tochi wanted to disengage her hand from his but Wisdom held it back, then she looked at him feeling her heart beating again.
“A friend asked me if i have kissed before” Wisdom broke the silence.
“Have you?”
“Neither have i”
They remained quiet again. Tochi held him very well and he pulled her closer.
“You need to start going” she told him and went back to her position.
“Yeah, that’s true”
“Good night”
“Good night”
They gradually disengaged their hands and gently walked away looking back occasionally.
Wisdom was the first person to arrive at school looking neat as the senior prefect. He walked around the whole premises with his hands in his pocket. He occasionally glanced at the road where Tochi suppose to come through if he would see her walking towards him with an attractive smile on her face. Few minutes later he saw a beautiful female student coming through the road but was not visibly seen due to morning dew, then he stared..

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