28, salvation road episode 13

28, salvation road episode 13

April 13, 2017 28 salvation road
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28 Salvation Road Episode 13
We were all in the sitting talking when Noel came back and informed us that he would be taking us to the bar to beer us , I quickly called Bola to cancel our meeting that night , its been quite long I went out with the boys so I could not pass this opportunity for one pu**y that I had tasted times without number , I immediately called her and told her that I didn ’ t feel too well, she fell for my lies and told me to take care of myself for her , I agreed and ended the call, I went to the room and brought out one of my blue jeans and soon we were on our way to the bar , TURN UP THINGS MEKUS I was not really the type that spends money in bars but with the whole Funmi problems, I needed to get my mind off her , so when Noel announced he would be taking us out, I jumped for joy , I sent some more mails that evening before going in the room to change and soon we were on our way to the bar
We had barely started drinking when a text message came into my phone , I checked and it was from one of the companies I had applied inviting to an interview the next day, what the fu*k? Who invites someone for an interview on the previous night of the day the interview would hold ? I was happy though , I informed the guys and they all celebrated with me , Noel ordered for more drinks, he said we had two reasons to celebrate , while we waited for the drinks , I began to ask them of how to get to the address of the company Me : abeg o , how do i get to lekki ooo

Femi : just take keke to allen junction, from there , enter obalende cms, stop at the last bus stop , then enter Bus going to Ajah, tell the driver the exact place you going to in lekki and they will stop you at the nearest bus stop to the place
Noel : femi femzy , the dude wey don yansh all the island babes
Mekus : omo na him ooo , one and only
Femi : the two of una dey kolo ooo We continued our drinking but knowing that I would be attending an interview the next day, I didn ’ t drink at the same pace as the other guys . After about three more hours of drinking and talking , we were ready to go home
Me : guys make we dey go house , ten don almost knack They heard but nobody answered so I repeated myself
Me : guys make we dey go house o
Noel : wait first , I dey find something
Me : wetin you dey find?

Noel : I no know but e be me like say I no complete Me : guy you complete , na d drink dey deceive you, just stand up first He stood up but Mekus and Femi were in a different world of their own , it was like they did not hear what I had said , I practically had to drag them up , even while walking , femi kept saying some nonsense about how he could not feel his legs , I managed to get all of them home and dumped femi and Noel in the parlor before directing Mekus to the room . There was power supply so I used the opportunity to arrange my documents and to iron the only suite I had, I set my alarm to 5 am and slept off …. My alarm woke me at exactly 5 am and I immediately said a quick prayer that didn ’ t take up to five minutes before rushing into the bathroom, I was ready to go by 5 :40 am . As soon as I got into the parlor , there was this choking smell , it smelled like beer , I turned on the light and noticed two pools of vomit on the floor , I ignored it and found my way out , I was about to open the gate when I heard a car horn, I turned around and heard a lady voice begging me to open the gate for, who this one dey blow horn for ? Shey I resemble gate man , I opened the gate for her and she drove out while I closed the gate again , I was surprised to see her when I came out of the gate , her door was opened, it was still dark then so I could not picture her face She: good morning, thanks for the gate Me : no problem and good morning too She: where are you heading to ?
Me : lekki
She: am going to victoria island, hop in let me drop you off
Me : ok , thanks I got into the her front seat and she drove off She: so you work in Lekki?
Me : no, am actually go for an interview
She: oh ! So you just moved in to the house? Because I have not seen your face
Me : yeah , I just moved in, staying with my cousin for now
She: okay There was silence for some minutes
Me : so what ’ s the name ? She: oh sorry , am vivian , vivian Obasi
Me : nice name , am Chuks Amadi
She: Nice to meet you Chuks
Me : same here o we kept talking about random stuffs , from the hustle and bustle of lagos state to movies we love and other things before she dropped somewhere telling me I would get bus to Ajah there but I didn ’ t come down without getting her number….


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