28, salvation road episode 15

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28 Salvation Road Episode 15
Days went by and still no news from the company , I was really worried but Mekus kept on encouraging me to be hopeful and stay positive. Bisi and I have been chating , we already agreed on a date, she chose a wednesday evening because her parent would be out, she said they were traveling for a church, I asked mekus about the best place to take her and he suggested Ikeja City mall ICM , I agreed as the place was not that far from the house . Vivian and I were also getting along just that she hardly replies messages as she was always busy but she said something about starting her leave from the next week.
I was a worried as Chuks but someone had to cheer the other up , I could not even imagine going through all the troubles of attending classes and then graduate only to be frustrated by companies, I kept telling him to stay positive that things would soon fall into place . Funmi on the other hand kept on calling but I was done with her , I never knew that getting over her would be this easy , if there is one thing I hate , it is being cheated on by a lady , I can ’ t forgive it , even if I decide to forgive her , it will never be like before , so what ’ s the use? Make she dey abeg . I called femi every day to find out about his mum , he kept telling that she was responding to treatment and I told him that I would be praying for her . I had already warned chuks about Bisi but he still went ahead to ask her out, he came to me asking me of the best place to take her that would be both cheap and nice , the only place that came to my mind was ICM , with 5 K , he suppose fit flex the girl well, I never liked that bisi because she caught and reported me to her parents when I was dating her elder sister yetunde , her parent have hated me till today because I was fucking their daughter .
So na Chuks na hin this bisi wan date now ? And the guy dey happy like say jesus dey visit him house , girl wey be say boys don score her well for street, make the landlord no catch am o, the old man don dey disturb me tey tey about the girl , well since him brother don warn am about Bisi he no listen , no be me him go listen to. Sandra was still coming around and she was getting the hard dick every time, mehn that girl pussy no go kill me …. CHUKS After the date with Bisi we came back home but I had to let her enter the street some minutes before I entered , she said she does not want people seeing us together as they might tell her parents, I had no problem with that , immediately I entered the compound, she came out of the balcony and gave me a sign to come up , I had a smile all over my face as I made my way up . Immediately she opened her front door , what I saw was out of the world, she had removed the gown she wore earlier and was now on just her undies smiling at me .
I quickly rushed to kiss her and soon we were all over each other, I unhooked her bra and revealed one of the best boobs I have ever seen till date, I began to suck on the boobs while my hands found her massive ass , I dipped my two hands into her undies and began to fondle her ass while still sucking her boobs , I got tired of the whole standing thing after some minutes, so I pushed her on the chair , I removed her last clothing and her nakedness was staring , I began to remove my own clothes but she drew me closer and started doing the removal herself , as soon as I became naked, I grabbed a condom from my wallet which was in my pocket and wore it on my nigga and dived into her pussy with her one of her legs raised and rested on my shoulder , I went in and out of her slowly making sure my thrusts were coordinated , I was going in slow but deep , I noticed she was the loud type as she was already moaning loud even before I started banging her , I began to ram into her fast and hard making sure my dick felt every corner of her pussy , I grabbed her two boobs as my thrusting became harder and harder , she was now shouting some words like yee !
Egba mi o, o fe pami ! Her words even though I did not know their meaning drove me to the edge as I began to jerk and soon I off loaded into the condom. I remained on her with my dick still in her pussy for some minutes and funny enough , my dick was still hard, we ended having two more rounds of mind blowing sex later that evening, in fact , we fucked everyday and I ended up sleeping in her house until on saturday, I only left her house ones and that was to get extra condoms after the ones in my wallet and the ones she had at home was exhausted , our fuck fest ended on saturday evening as her parent were to return sunday morning.

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