28, salvation road episode 2

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Funmi : really? let me see I shifted my answer sheet to her and she began to copy it , she later gave me her own answer and I was about to answer the fifth question when we were asked to submit, we later exchanged numbers and did the remaining exams together , I had to read because I didn ’ t want to appear as unserious to her , when the results of the exam came out, there was a remarkable improvement on my CGPA . We became closer and I finally asked her out, she accepted after thinking about it for more than a month , girls ! I have invited her over so many times but she always had a reason to say no, if she was not busy, she was not in the mood to leave the house , well, she finally came and I was willing to make sure she keeps coming, my friends had purposely left the house for us to have enough privacy,
Femi had told me that I must ‘ play ball’ , I wouldn’ t mind playing ball but that was not the priority for me , I was just happy to be spending sometime with her , I don ’ t know what it is but she is the first girl am meeting that sexing is not a priority . she finally came over and I made sure she was comfortable in the parlour , money have been very scarce lately , clients have not been responding but I just had to make sure she enjoys her first visit to my place , I offered her drinks while I went to get her some jollof rice I prepared earlier , after eating we began to see a movie together , she was becoming more comfortable with me , I was about to make a move to kiss her when my phone rang , I checked it and it was my cousin Chuks , he said stuffs about coming to Lagos to job haunt but didn ’ t have a place to stay , I told him to come stay with me and my friends , although things were pretty tough for us , there was no way I would say no to Chuks , if na garri, we go drink am together

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