28, salvation road episode 7

28, salvation road episode 7

March 9, 2017 28 salvation road
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28 Salvation Road Episode 7
Deep down I was very happy to have my Chuks around, I practically grew up with him, even though he is two years older than me , we were best friends while growing up , he never for one day try to use his age to bully me or anything like that , in fact , he always defended me from boys of his age in the hood that we grew up in owerri, after the death of my parents I moved in with his family and we became more like twins, things later became difficult for his parents and they had to relocate to the village , everybody started hustling for himself , I had always wanted to study in Unilag, so when I managed to safe up some money from the menial jobs that I did after leaving secondary school, I bought JAMB and filled Unilag immediately, I didn ’ t make it the first time but I did the second time to study economics , Chuks was already in his fourth year by then , I met Noel and Femi during registration and we became close , Femi thought us all we knew in Yahoo, he is like the boss.
Seeing Chuks after three years brought back a lot of memory, I remember when I was ten and he was teaching me how to ride a bicycle, I remember he kept encouraging me even after I had fallen for the tenth time, the dude was a really nice guy . Even though , the economy was bad, nothing in the world would stop me from making Chuks feel at home , I showed him the way to my room and helped him to keep his box in the ward rope, I thought of what he would eat and decided that I would go withdraw some money from my account and buy some things to make soup, at least , we have enough garri now , I urged him to follow me to the bank and then the market, at least that would help him to start knowing the neighborhood , I told the guys that we wanted to go get something and they said no p , when we got outside, Chuks started asking questions
Chuks :
Mekus , you guys must be making a lot of money to be leaving in this house o Me : mehn we thank God , we all contribute our quota to the payment of the house but things have been tough this days o , I just thank God we already paid for the rent before this hardship started Chuks : hardship ? Wetin happen ? You did not tell me that things were tight for you Me : I knew if I had told you , you wouldn ’ t want to come again but its nothing too bad, its just part of the business, sometimes things don ’ t work out as you want them but am very sure everything will soon get back to normal Chuks : amen bro , amen , so why is this place called salvation road? Me : I don ’ t really know the story , I just found myself here


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