28, salvation road episode 8

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I spent my first week in Lagos buying newspapers and applying for jobs online, thank God for my cousin ’ s internet connection, I was always connected , would check for vacancies in the newspapers and apply for the ones that fits my qualification . The boys been really cool with me , Noel is like the comedian, always making everybody laugh with his crazy jokes , Femi on the other hand was another thing altogether , I did not get him, he keeps giving me these looks that I really don’ t want to imagine what they mean, I was initially closer to him until he started giving me those looks , I had to withdraw from him, could the dude be gay ? I cover my yansh with the blood of Jesus . One morning, I went out as usual to get newspapers to continue my job haunting, I had just entered the gate when I heard a voice that sounded very local to me , I looked up and saw that the voice was that of an old man
Old man : hey ! Who are you and what are you looking for in this compound?
Me : good morning sir , I live here
Old man : I said who are you?
Me : sorry , I am Chuks , I am Emeka’ s cousin
Old man : oh! Don’ t you know that when you go to a new place , you try to pay homage to the elders in that place ?
Me : sorry sir , I never knew there was a man of your age in this compound, please forgive me
Old man : that ’ s okay , just go and get me one bottle of alomo bitters and everything would be forgiven Me : no problem sir , I will get it
Old man : you a good boy , I know you will be different from that rascal brother of yours . I smiled and walked into our flat, I rushed to the room to get some money for the alomo bitters , Mekus woke up and asked who I was talking to outside, I told him I was talking to one old man in the last floor upstairs , he said that is the landlord, landlord? That man looks like someone that is starving I thought as I brought out two five hundred naira notes, Mekus then asked what we talked about , I told him and he told me not to buy anything for the man , he said he would explain why later, I dropped the notes back into my bag and started going through the newspaper.
Chuks and I were becoming close until I made a big mistake , I started making my moves too early , I started rubbing his hands while giving him those ‘ I want you looks ’ , I think he started feeling uncomfortable with it and so started distancing himself from me , he no longer likes spending time with me , he prefers Noel this days . I thought of ways to rectify my mistake but none was forthcoming . I was going through my phone contacts when I saw a the name vallery , I tried to figure out who it is but couldn ’ t place my hand on it, I was about deleting the number when I remembered her , the girl I met the other day, no, the angel I met the other day, how the hell did I forget her ? That’ s unlike me , I dialed her number but was informed by that annoying MTN woman that I was out of call card, fortunately for me , my subscription was on, I checked what ’ s app and saw that she was online , I quickly messaged her
Me : hey dear
Vallery: so you finally decided to check up on me ?
Me : don’ t mind me dear, I have just been really busy
Vallery: its all good , am not important, that ’ s why you have been too busy to say hi
Me : ah ah ! Its not like that
Vallery: I hear you Me : so where you at ?
Vallery: am at the salon , why ?
Me : want to see you , was thinking you could come over to my place
Vallery: urrh ! Today won ’ t work for me
Me : how about tomorrow ?
Vallery: I don’ t know , why don ’ t you let me get home and see what my tomorrow will be like , then I will get back to you
Me : alright dear, I will message you at night
Vallery: ok While charting With vallery , I began to device a plan to rectify my mistake with Chuks , vallery would be the one stone that I would use to kill two birds , I would use her to make Chuks belief that am straight and also use her to quench my konji, I smiled at the thought .
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Damm that landlord, how dare he tax my cousin ? The useless man makes a whole lot of money but you would never know because he spends it all on bitches . I wanted Chuks to find out about everybody in number 28 salvation road on his own and in his own time but since the landlord is already trying to exploit him, am just gonna tell him everything he needs to know. later that evening, I told him to follow me to somewhere , he quickly got dressed and we left, I took him to a bar outside salvation road and ordered two big stouts and started gisting …. Me : guy , how are you coping with this environment? Chuks : bro, am coping o, I enjoy the quietness and serenity in the compound Me : well, the compound is quiet right now because those oloshos are away , by the time they come back now , the house will be on fire
Chuks : olosho? Wetin be oloshos ?
Me : runs girls , ashawo, prostitute , which ever name you prefer
Chuks : hold on a minute , you mean we have runs girls in the compound ?
Me : yeah , they stay at the flat behind ours
Chuks : how come I haven’ t met any of them
Me : its because they are currently not around, I heard one of their colleagues would be wedding this weekend so they traveled a week ago to help her prepare
Chuks : okay o , so why did you stop me from paying homage to the landlord?
Me : that one? He is not worth paying homage to
Chuks : haha, why ?
Me : that man makes a lot of money but he spends it all on different girls that are young enough to be his grandchildren, see he knows the kind of business we do so he charges us extra one hundred thousand every year to keep He charges us extra one hundred thousand every year to keep our business a secret, he also helps to keep those bitches business on the low but he does not charge a damn , as long as one of them goes ones in a while to warm his bed, he won ’ t remember to collect his money, one of the girls even told me that they have not been paying house rent for the past two years now
Chuks : wow ! Are you serious ?
Me : absolutely , the old man is that useless, that ’ s why I don’ t do him any favours
Chuks : but what about his family or is he still single ?
Me : I heard that his wife and children are abroad, the man kept them there so he can have all the time in the world to jump from one young girl to another
Chuks : na wa o, so what about the other tenants?
Me : well, you already know that the prostitutes occupy the flat behind us, the front flat at the middle is occupy by Mr and Mrs Babatunde and their three daughters
Chuks : did you say three daughters?
Me : yeah three but two are in the university while the youngest , Bisi is still struggling with JAMB , you will meet her sooner rather than later but I suggest you don’ t go near her
Chuks : why ?
Me : see their parents are over protective of them and its not like the children are saints o , those girls can fuck anything on trousers
Chuks : hahaha, this house is getting more interesting
Me : well the middle back flat is occupy by Dr Frank, a medical doctor , he is single but his girlfriend or fiancé , I don ’ t know which one she is comes around most weekend. The doc like we all call him is very responsible, he works in the general hospital . At the front flat in the last floor , we have our able landlord, he says he chose that flat so that he can monitor everybody that enters and leaves his compound , more like every girl that enters and leaves the compound. Finally , at the last flat, we have Vivian , a single lady, it will take you time to see her because she leaves very early and comes back very late, I don’ t know much about her but I heard she works in one of the apex banks in the island, so those are the occupants of Number 28 salvation road …

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