A second chance episode 10

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Maria walked in clad in her neat and
well ironed school uniform with a
frown across her face.
‘good morning dad’ she greeted
‘good morning Maria, how was your
night?’ he asked
‘not fine dad! All thanks to you. You got
me really worried with your behaviour
last night you!’
she said while pouting her sexy lips.
Tony bent his head in shame.
‘i’m sorry’ he muttered
‘i really didnt like what you did. Even
mum wasnt pleased with what you did
ooo’ she said.
Tony raised his head up ‘your mum?’
‘i saw her in my dreams she was sad.
I’m not pleased at all’ Maria said.
‘my apologies. Anyways was it Ken who
brought me home?’ he asked while
trying to calm the tension.
‘yes dad. I’m sorry about the way i
spoke to you. I was really worried’
‘thats okay my child. I understand. You
are just like your mother who will
always scold me anytime i drink’ he said
amidst laughter.
‘why did you drink?’
‘i couldnt seem to take Naomi out of my
mind thats why i resulted to drinking’
Maria smiled ‘i’m glad you couldnt take
her off your mind. At least that will keep
you away from other women who want
to reap where they did not sow!’
As Alice dressed Felix up for school, her
phone rang. It was a foriegn number
and she suspected it to be Ansa.
She picked the call
‘hello Alice dear’
‘oh! Ansa, i suspected this number to be
yours and see i was right’
‘hahaha did you miss me?’
‘not really lolz’
‘i see. Then why am i even calling? I’m
hanging up’
‘hang on Ansa, must you always tease
me all the time?’
‘sorry Alice. Guess what?’
‘what? You just won a lottery?’
‘you divorced your wife and married
‘God forbid! I love my wife, i can never
divorce her for anything in the world!’
‘indeed! So whats the news?’
‘Nkechi and i plan to come to Nigeria for
‘really? That will be cool’
‘what of my boy Felix?’
‘he is fine oo’
‘Alice have you been able to give him
another father?’
‘not yet Ansa’
‘okay bye’
‘bye Ansa, love you’
‘love you too Alice’
He hung up.
To be continued
I know its another short update, i’m

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