A second chance episode 102

A second chance episode 102

March 6, 2017 A second chance
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‘should i tie her?’
‘no, dont, this isnt kidnapping is it?’
Stella replied and the masked dude
moved back.
Stella looked at Alice and smiled, then
with a twinkle of an eye, landed a very
hot slap on her cheek.
‘geez! What was that for, you b—h!!’
Alice screamed.
‘wow, wow, woow! You still have
mouth to talk, even when you are here
and in my custody, you are so dead
today!!’ Stella said.
‘na the bae be this?’ Jessice asked.
‘yep! Na she be this. The girl wey get
mouth well well, we go treat her fuckup
today’ Stella said with a mischievous
Jessice moved towards Alice, looked at
her for a while then smiled.
‘bae, do you know why you are here?’
Jessica asked.
‘no i dont, you know why, because you
brought me here forcefully without my
consent, and guess what, once i get out
of here, i will see to it that you rot in
jail!!’ Alice said and Jessica and co
laughed. Even the men who abducted
her laughed as well.
‘see this one oo. How are you even sure
if you are stepping your foot out of here
alice?’ Stella asked mockingly.
‘i will, you b—h!! S–t!! I hate you’ Alice
‘well, i kindha hate you too’ Stella said
and laughed.
‘Stelly, dont say anything unreasonable
to her, will you?’ Jessica said and face
Alice ‘now girl as we were saying, do
you know why you were brought here?’
‘just look at you asking me a stipid
question, how am i supposed to know
that?’ Alice asked and Jessica slapped
her angrily.
‘i wanted to be nice, just speak to you
and let you go, but you just showed me
the level of your immaturity’ Jessica said
angrily and Stella laughed.
‘when i was telling you that this harlot
here is proving a hard nut to crack, you
probably thought it was c–k and bulls’
Stella said.
Alice fumed, she wanted to slap Jessice
back because her hands were not tied
but decided against it.
‘dont slap me again’ she said gently.
‘i wont, if you behave mature’ Jessica
‘why did you kidnap me?’ Alice asked.
‘now, are


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