A second chance episode 108

A second chance episode 108

March 9, 2017 A second chance
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Three policemen rushed in immediately.
Gilbert of course was surprised. What
were they doing here? He thought.
‘miss Stella Lawrence, you are under
arrest’ one of the policemen said.
‘excuse me? For what?’ Stella said
amidst tears.
‘when we get to the station, you will be
told’ another policeman replied
handcuffing her in the process. Gilbert
didnt know what to do and he knew it
was Tony’s handiwork.
‘arrest him too. He’s the mr Gilbert
Adewale that i told you about’ Tony said
with a mischievous grin.
Before Gilbert could even blink, the
policeman was already handcuffing
both him and Stella together.
‘Jesus christ! Will you guys let me go!!
What have i done?!’ he screamed.
The policemen paid no attention to him
and Stella’s rantings.
‘please let me go. I dont know what
exactly i’ve committed’ Stella cried.
‘what is all this all about? Can you guys
please explain?’ Gilbert asked.
‘dont worry, we will explain everything
to you when we get to the station’ the
policeman said leading them outside.
Sheraton hotel was where Maria’s
birthday party was held. It was superb,
the decorations, the cake, the food, the
cakes, it was nice.
The hall was filled to the brim. Many
people came, even Kofo. Though she
hadnt seen Maria before, she came
because Tony had personally asked her
to come. Felix came too.
Maria stood with Susan and some
friends and classmates jisting and
laughing and of course admiring Maria’s
‘mehn you look superb!!!’ Tara said.
‘thank you’ Maria replied smiling.
‘but how come i dont see your bestie
Abby’ David chipped in.
Marai frowned at him ‘lets talk about
something else!!’ she said.
‘did something happen?’ Tara asked.
‘and how’s that your biz?’ Susan asked.
‘sorry, just wanted to know’ Tara said.
Maria looked around and caught sight
of a little boy dressed in suit, looking
round like he was lost, he was crying
‘oh poor boy, must have lost his mum
somewhere around’ Maria said heading
towards the boy.
‘baby boy, why are you crying?’ she
asked the crying boy squating.
‘i’m looking for my mummy’ the boy
‘oh sorry, come, i will help you find her’
Maria said….


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