A second chance episode 113

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Nneka turned to Tony and forced a
smile ‘oh son, dont tell me you’ve been
crying. I had to go home to prepare
something for Maria, poor Maria’ and
she burst into tears.
‘what on earth did this poor girl do to
deserve this? On her birthday for that
matter. I was actually in the rest room
when all happened. I only heard
gunshots and i remained there, and
then when i realised everywhere has
calmed down, i came out only to see
Maria lying in the pool of her own blood
with a little boy by her side. What exactly
happened Tony? Why did you let them
shoot my only grandchild?’ Nneka asked
as she cried louder.
Tony shook his and a tear trickled down
his cheek. He moved to where Nneka
was and hugged her ‘i must catch those
b——s! They deserve to die and i will
make sure they all do’
Nneka made a face behind him and
then she started crying again when he
gently pulled her away.
‘it shall never be better for them. They
have taken away my daughter and now
they want my only grandchild, they will
all die a miserable death’ Nneka cursed.
‘that was what happened?’ Amy asked
the crying Alice who nodded ‘then why
are you crying? Are they tears of joy or
‘i dont know Amy but i just feel like
crying maybe because when i left Tony
at the hospital, he was crying like a
baby. You cant imagine it Amy. He was
really crying and to think his daughter
was shot when she wanted to save
‘so? Is that why you are crying? I know
you should sympathize…..’
‘not just being sympathetic Amy, Felix
would have died’
‘stop crying sweetheart, i have jist for
you and if you want to listen, then stop
crying for me’ Amy said tickling Alice.
‘what is it?’
‘have you heard that Gilbert and Stella
are in prison?’
‘what? What are they doing there and
what put them there?’
‘Tony arrested them both for
kidnapping you’
‘hell!! How did you know about that?’
‘dont forget that Kelvin is an inspector.
He told me’
‘oh my God! So what would happen to
them now?’
Amy said nothing but shrugged, looking
around as if something was scaring her.
‘how did everything go?’
‘well, well, well, Tony wasnt seen, Maria
was shot’
‘what? Maria? How, she wasnt the
‘but we could still get him some other
‘but Maria did nothing wrong, how’s
she now?’
‘the last time i checked, she was
admitted in st. Angelo’s clinic’
‘i really hope nothing happens to her.
Did you see the love of my life?’
‘you mean Alice?’
‘Gilbert, when will you stop being
childish and let go of this girl who
doesnt give a d–n about you. She’s
crazy about Tony and you cant do
anything about it, infact, you’ve not even
done anything and it has landed you
here already, if you now do something
which is now impossible because you
are stuck in here, where do you think
you will end up, Gilbert wisen up’
‘thanks for the advice, but i wouldnt
stop fighting for the love of my life’
‘you really are crazy. Do not send me to
do dirty jobs for you again cos i wont
risk my life for it’
‘i hear you’
‘so what next now Gilbert? How would
you get out of this rathole?’
Gilbert sighed ‘i’m really frustrated. Can
you help me tell Abby to come see me
here? She must be really worried. Just
tell her i’m here and she should visit me
‘okay dude but…..’
Collins was speaking when he saw
Gilbert freeze in shock, he turned back
only to see Tony Brown…..standing
behind him…..

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