A second chance episode 114

A second chance episode 114

March 10, 2017 A second chance
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Collins immediately turned back to
Gilbert and winked at him.
‘so are you claiming to be innocent mr.
Adewale?’ Collins asked.
‘yes, i am really innocent of the whole
accusation, thank God mr. Brown is
here, let him explain himself’ Gilbert said
pointing to Tony.
Collins immediately stood up and faced
‘well mr Brown, you are welcome, i am
detective Bankole and i was
interrogating him, asking him some
questions but i had rather take my leave
now’ Collins said and scurried away.
Smart boy, Gilbert thought, then he
faced Tony with an evil smirk on his
‘mr billionaire, have you come to visit
me, welcome. Your girlfriend is inside
oo’ Gilbert said and laughed.
Tony shook his head, then sat on the
chair Collins vacated, he coughed then
‘look Gilbert, you know we both dont
have issues with each other, we’ve
never quarelled or fought, infact, i think
this is the longest i’ve spoken to you. I’m
sorry you have to end up here, we
shouldnt fight because of a woman, lets
settle this amicably’ Tony said.
Gilbert scoffed ‘what are you trying to
say then? That we should become
‘not really, you see everything i did, i did
for Alice because she means the world
to me. But i know i acted rashly, i’ve
ordered for both you and Stella to be
released tomorrow, but you must
promise me that you will stay away
from Alice, she doesnt love you and you
cant force her, i hope you understand’
‘wait, are you for real?’
‘i wont lie to you Gilbert or whatever, i
kept you here so you could suffer for a
while, you’ve been here for five days so
its fine by me if you want to leave here’
‘i….are you joking?’
‘i have no reason to joke,’ Tony said
standing up ‘like i said earlier, stay away
from Alice, warn you partner in crime,
Stella because next time, i wont be
It was with joy that Stella opened her
apartment the next day and with tears
of joy in her eyes, fell on the sofa. Yes,
she was free to be set free again, she
thought she would die there, because
of a man.
She thought of her life, its quite a mess,
though not completely, how she
mistreated her fellow lady just because
of a guy she lost due to her own
foolishness. She didnt blame Tony for
not taking her back, who would want to
end up with a woman who sleeps with
her own cousin for that matter, it
doesnt work anywhere she knew, but
she wanted to try, she was desperate to
get married and settle down for she
was aging, look at Jessica, she didnt
even know that the fiance of hers was
even her cousin, the guy she was
committing incest with, and they were
to get married next month whether the
devil liked it or not. After much thinking,
she decided to sell off her properties
and leave the country and forget about
her past, she hated Uche for what he
did to her, but they were both to blame,
she was still thinking when she
suddenly felt like throwing up, she ran
to the toilet and vomitted. She had been
feeling nauseous even while in the
police cell.
She wondered what was wrong with
her and then she remembered she had
missed her monthly period, she nearly
collapsed at the thought of that.
‘no, i cant be pregnant, not for Uche, not
for that b—–d!!!’ she cried…..


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