A second chance episode 116

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Uche was very furious that he felt like
tearing the results to pieces. After going
through it, he felt like smashing Stella’s
head on the wall. He was very angry and
furios but he managed to be calm.
He stole a glance at Jessica who had
tears in her eyes. Stella too was also
crying, what a life.
‘so…so you are pregnant?’ Uche asked
furiously ‘how am i sure its mine, it
might be the child of that so called
boyfriend of yours’
‘its not his!! I never had s-x with Tony’
Stella nearly screamed.
‘oh! And how am i sure that i’m the only
one you are committing incest with
huh? Look Stella, i dont know what you
are thinking but listen to me, i am not
responsible for your pregnancy, i am
not!! Jessica, lets get out of here’ he said
rising to his feet.
‘not yet Uche,’ Jessica said looking
pitifully at her friend ‘if the pregnancy
really isnt yours then she would never
had nailed it on you, she would nailed it
on Tony’
‘so what if the pregnancy is mine? I cant
accept it, never!! We are getting married
in a few weeks Jessica and besides
Stella is my cousin, if she gives birth to
the baby, what would he or she call me?
Daddy or uncle?’
‘well you should have thought of that
when you were consistently having s-x
with her!!’ Jessica said.
‘well, thats a mistake and i’m ready to
correct it’ Uche said.
‘and how do you intend to? She is
already pregnant dude, get the
message!!’ Jessica said clapping her
‘thats the more reason why she has to
get rid of it!’ Uche screamed.
‘no way!’ Stella said ‘i’d never do that, i
dont have a child or a husband, and
now that i am going to have a baby, i
will never sbort it never!!’
‘so what are you suggesting? That i
marry you?’
‘i didnt ask you to marry me Uche. I just
want you to know that you are going to
be a daddy pretty soon’
Uche threw caution into the air and
slapped her hard. Jessica was furious
‘how dare you slap a lady Uche? Are you
even a gentleman!!’
‘i am a gentleman Jessica. Just take a
good look at what this stupid s–t is
telling me, my own cousin for that
matter that i should be expecting a baby
soon, may the lord i serve punish you
‘oh, so now you are a christian abi?
When you were busy sleeping with her,
sis you remember the lord you served? I
warned you, i warned you constantly to
stop sleeping with her but you still kept
doing it, infact you know what? Its over,
i’m not marrying you again, just forget
about me!!’ Jessica said.
‘WHAT??!’ Stella and Uche chorused…..

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