A second chance episode 117

A second chance episode 117

March 12, 2017 A second chance
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Stella really felt guilt when Jessica broke
up with Uche. She saw how miserable
Uche became and as much as she tried
her best to console him, he kept telling
her that she was the cause of the
problem which she knew but was she
the only one at fault? It takes two to
‘how will say its my fault? Did i buy an
erection, planted it on you and
pleasured myself with it?’ Stella flared
but Uche would hear none of that, he
threatened to poison Stella and the
b—–d in her womb if she doesnt get
rid of the baby and do her possible best
to get him and Jessica back together.
‘you know what? Go to hell, i’ve been
trying my possible best to stay with you
so that you wont take to alcohol but you
keep blaming me every single minute
for your misfortune….’
‘you are my misfortune! If it hadnt been
for you, Jessica and i would have been
married by now, if not for you and your
devilish schemes’
‘what devilish schemes are you talking
about? Did i call Lucifer to lure you to
bed with me? Or as i said earlier, did i
buy an erection for you? Am i the one
that drew your sperm from your
whatever that got me pregnant? How is
everything now my fault?’
‘it is your fault!! Stella cant you see? I
have lost Jessica, i’m the one in pain
here, you’ve lost nothing and you have
nothing to lose’
‘you lie Uche! My boyfriend broke up
with me because of this, did you know
the amount of pain i wnt through? The
pain landed me prison!!’
‘oh spare me that! What landed you in
prison was abduction!!’
‘my pain led me to do it!’
‘shut up!’
‘i wont!!’
‘then get out opf my apartment, i dont
want to ever see you here again, you
are nothing but trouble Stella, nothing
but trouble!!’
‘you know what? I was ready to go
through all this alone but on a second
thought, there’s no way thats gonna
happen. You are the father of the child
i’m carrying and henceforth you have to
take responsibility!!’
‘you are not well’
‘oh really? I am not well abi? Okay, lets
see the person who is not well here’
Stella said and sat cross-legged on the
‘what are you trying to do Stella?’
‘what does it look like? Of course i’m
Uche scoffed ‘you are jobless….’
‘and so are you, p—–t!!’
‘did you just call me a p—–t?’
‘yeah i did, so what are you going to do
about it?’
Uche stood up angrily and dragged
Stella up ‘you b—h!! Its like you want
me to strangle you here’ he said
hopding Stella’s neck and tightened his
grip on it. Stella struggled and struggled
to breathe, no way.
‘pl…plea…se’ she struggled as twin tears
fell from her eyes. Uche looked at those
sexy eyes and fell for its charm. Stella
had a wonderful pair of eyes. He slowly
losened his grip on her and before JACK
ROBINSON, they were kissing roughly
like never before, they both fell on the
sofa sucking each others lips like their
lives depended on it.
‘Oh my God!!’
They quickly disengaged when they
heard that, they looked towards the
direction they heard it from and saw


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