A second chance episode 123

A second chance episode 123

March 13, 2017 A second chance
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‘eh?’ was all Maria could say ‘i dont
‘i killed your mother and i will kill you
‘Jesus christ!’ Maria exclaimed.
Nneka chuckled ‘Jesus christ? So you
even know that name?’
‘grandma, how co….me?’
‘dont ask her that dear,’ Naomi
muttered softly ‘there’s no point. The
reason she’s confessing to you is
because she is going to kill you after
this,’ Naomi said and Nneka laughed
‘please my daughter, read your bible
and pray everyday so that all evil things
like your grandmother can stay away
from you. Believe in Jesus and…..’
‘preacher!’ Nneka cut in ‘its this your
preaching that sent you to your early
grave, and now, you want to lure your
so called beloved daughter to hers.(to
Maria)See my dear, you have a choice, i
will not kill you but on one condition,
you must join Kuvudu’ Nneka said.
‘what?’ Nneka exclaimed.
‘Maria, dont do it, dont forget to pray,
dont yield to your grandmother’s
devilish request, she is evil!’
Nneka laughed ‘evil indeed. Maria, make
your decision because when the breeze
will start blowing, your ghost of a
mother wont be here to save you’
‘i wont be here to save you my dear but
God will. Dont mind her, she is Lucifer
herself’ Naomi said.
‘Lucifer abi? Okay, let me show you the
work of the real lucifer’ Nneka said and
stretched both palms towards Naomi,
spat out a ball of fire. The ball of fire
became wider and wider until it
completely covered up Naomi. She was
caged in the ball.
‘hahaha, you shall never be able to come
out again. Maria, say goodbye to your
mother’s spirit because you might never
see her again or feel her again’ Nneka
said heartlessly and Maria’s heart
skipped a bit.
‘gra….grandma please….’
‘there’s still an option my beloved grand
‘what is the option?’
‘join kuvudu’
‘then i will just kill your dad!’ Nneka said
and spat out an even larger ball of fire.
‘no!! Please stop’ Maria screamed.
Meanwhile, everyone apart from Maria
and Nneka were still. Rhoda just sat
close to the bed staring at nowhere in
particular. Tony was just standing, not
moving, not blinking, Maria wasnt even
sure he was breathing.
Nneka caught the ball of fire ‘are you
ready to join kuvudu?’
‘should i release this ball of fire to
consume your dad?’
‘no grandma, please dont, he’s all i have’
‘then make the sacrifice’
‘what sacrifice?’
‘accept kuvudu and save your dad.
Reject kuvudu and your dad dies, he’s all
you’ve got’
‘but…my mother said…i shouldnt…listen
to you’
‘oh my dear, you mustnt listen to me.
Just let your dad meet your mum over
there, so they can be together again.
Wouldnt that be a happy ending for
both of them?’
‘grandma please…..’
Nneka released the ball of fire.
‘dont grandma. I will join kuvudu’ Maria
said and the ball of fire melted


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