A second chance episode 127

A second chance episode 127

March 15, 2017 A second chance
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Maria frowned when upon opening the
door,itwas Alicestanding there.She
sighed andthe door to let her in,without
a greeting.
‘Maria darling,’ Alice called with a smiling
face ‘how are you today?’
‘there’s no need asking, not as if that
will stop you from going out with my
dad’ Maria sighed ‘anyways, i hope you
know that your boyfriend or fiance is
not around?’
Alice smiled ‘yes i know. I came to keep
you company, besides its you i want to
see, not your dad’
Maria scoffed ‘make yourself
comfortable’ then she stood up, picked
the book she was reading and made to
leave for her room.
Alice stood up and grabbed Maria’s left
arm ‘Maria, please, dont go’
‘i do not want to be rude. I do not want
to insult you, however, i wont hesitate
to do so if you dont respect yourself
and leave me alone. Whats your
problem? Do i look like someone who is
smiling with you?’ Maria said and
pushed Alice’s hands away.
Then she left.
Alice shrugged and went after her
‘Maria, listen to me, i’m pregnant’


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