A second chance episode 129

A second chance episode 129

March 15, 2017 A second chance
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‘where is she?’ Tony asked immediately
he saw Rhoda coming down alone.
‘erm oga. She talk sey…she said she is
not coming down. She say i mean said i
should prepare another food for her’
Rhoda said.
‘did you tell her i was the one who
cooked the food?’ Alice asked.
‘yes. That was what made her…..’
‘its okay, i understand. What did she say
she wants? I want to prepare it
personally for her’ Alice said.
‘ah madam, its like you want me to die.
She…dont want to eat any food you
cooked at all’
Alice looked down as tears formed a
pool in her eyes. Tony noticed it and
dismissed Rhoda. Then he pulled her
into his arms.
‘dont worry babe, we can still enjoy
dinner without Maria’ Tony said.
Alice shook her head ‘you dont
understand. What have i done to Maria?
I dont understand. When i told her
about this pregnancy, you know what
she told me? She said i should abort it
can you imagine?’
Tony twisted his lips in anger ‘dont
worry Alice. She will come around. Just
give her sometime’
‘sometime? When? When will that
sometime expire?’
‘you see, Maria was so attached to her
mother before she died and she has
been finding it difficult to forget about
her. Even though eleven years has
passed’ Tony explained.
Alice sobbed.
‘there’s nothing i want now than
making Maria love me. I’d do anything
for it’ Alice said.
Rhoda knocked on Maria’s door few
minutes later informing her that her
own dinner was ready.
‘is that witch and my father
downstairs?’ Maria asked.
‘yes Maria’
Maria hissed.
‘i wonder why harlots find it difficult to
return to their parents’ house even
when its past 8pm. Even though i was
six then, i can still remember mum
telling me never to stay out late unless
i’m gonna spend the night un that place.
Oh! There’s no one like my mum’
Rhoda shook her head.
Oversabi. Na who ask you? Mumu. Na
only chop i say make you con chop oo,
no be for you to start to dey remind me
how your mama take good abi how she
take no good, mumu.
‘erm, what about the food?’ Rhoda
‘bring it here for me’ Maria said and
Rhoda immediately left.
Maria had just finished dinner when she
heard a knock on her door. She thought
it was her dad but she was really very
angry to see Alice.
‘so you are spending the night here?
Alice or whatever you call yourself, dont
you have any shame or home training?
Didnt your mother warn you against
spending the night with someone who
is not your husband? Anyways, thats
how you got yourself pregnant. If your
mum had given you enough training
‘please please, i didnt come here for
this. I came here for us to discuss like
reasonable people’
Maria laughed.
‘have you come to bewitch me the way
you bewitched my dad? See idiot oo.
See, let me warn you for the very last
time. Terminate that pregnancy and stay
away from my dad, if you dont
terminate that d–n pregnancy, i will
willingly be of help’
‘just get out of my room, you s–t!’
then they heard a gunshot


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