A second chance episode 13

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‘how dare you use your hands on me,
you filthy w—e!’ he said pushing her to
the sofa roughly and removing his belt.
‘i am going to teach you a lesson of
your life’ he said as he fell on Alice
‘let go of me Gilbert, you cannot have
your way with me’ she said struggling
for breath but that only got her a slap
from Gilbert
‘shut up filthy woman! You are mine
and mine alone! No one can take you
from me’ he said attempting to tear
Alice’s shirt but luckily for her, the door
flung open. Alice had been wise enough
not to lock the door from the inside.
Amy walked in surprised at the scene
she saw. Gilbert quickly came off Alice,
adjusted his clothes, shot Amy a
murderous look and stormed out of the
house angrily.
Alice was gasping for breath by the time
Gilbert left.
‘Alice, what did my eyes just see now?’
Amy asked.
Alice burst into tears weeping
‘Kofo, where did you go?’ mr. Fred
asked immediately Kofo entered the
‘i went to talk sense into that silly
daughter of ours’ Kofo said as she fell
on the sofa
‘you went to Alice’s house? What of
Felix?’ mr. Fred asked
‘i didnt get to see him, he must have
gone to school’ Kofo said
‘so what did you tell her? I know you
Kofo, i hope you did not lash out on
‘i only told her the truth. That girl has
gone mad ever since Benjamin died.
Sometimes i cant help but wonder if
their souls are tied together’ Kofo
‘try to understand her Kofo, it was not
easy you know. They were so close to
being married before his untimely
demise. Okay, how would you have felt
if you had lost me a week to our
wedding and then you found out you
were carrying my baby?’ mr. Fred asked.
Kofo inhaled deeply ‘truth be told, i will
be miserable but i will learn to move on
and about carrying your baby before
marriage, that would have been almost
impossible because i would not have
slept with when we were’nt married.
Alice was just a naive girl. If she hadnt
surrendered herself to Benjamin before
marriage and gotten pregnant, she
would have been married by now. It
was by grace that i welcomed her after
that. Maybe it was because of what she
was passing through’ Kofo said leaving
mr. Fred in awe
‘KOFO! What are you saying?’
‘the truth my dear, Alice disappointed
me, she disappointed us. All the advice i
gave her when she was growing up,
she rubbed it all on my face. She proved
to me that i was just wasting my time’
Kofo said shaking her head in
‘she loved Benjamin so much, that was
‘are you trying to say that i never loved
you when we were courting?’ Kofo
‘i never said so Kofo. You know new
generation courtship is different from
that of the olden days’
‘thats a lie Fred. It was Alice’s decision to
be useless to herself and her family!’
‘Kofo! Mind your language. I wont
tolerate you calling my daughter names’
mr. Fred said suddenly becoming angry.
‘oh, she is now your daughter, not mine
again. Let it continue to be so’ she said
leaving the sitting room.
To be continued

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