A second chance episode 132

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‘you are a saucy little brat. If only you
tried to be a little nice to Alice, then
Maria closed her ears and ran out of the
room before Tony could complete his
She ran to the balcony and sat on the
tiled floor…
‘Maria is upset because i didnt comfort
her the way i comforted you last night,
can you imagine?’ Tony said as he
paced around the room angrily
Alice sighed ‘is that why you are angry?’
she stood up from the bed ‘you know
she is a teenager so she desires a little
petting. You should remember that you
are both her mother and father’
‘is that why she should always insult
you everytime she sees you? Is that
reason enough for her to disrespect
‘i didnt say that. But the fact that she
hates me or disrespects me shouldnt
allow you give up on your fatherly
duties towards her. Last week, she
asked for Jimmy choo sandals and
chanel perfume, you refused buying
them for her, she also complained about
her insufficient allowance and you
refused to do anything about it. Tony,
do you think all these will make her like
me? It will only make her hate me more.
Like i’m stealing her father’s love from
her. She has already hated me enough
and anymore hatred from her could
make her kill me’
‘so what are you saying? That i should
still shower her with gifts and attention
even after she disrespects you? I know
why i’m doing this. At least, if she
suffers from my lack of attention
towards her, she will warm up to you
and she could at least get close you.
Thats a step’
Alice smiled ‘no, thats not the best step
to take in issues like this. She will never
warm up to me if you continue refusing
her all she wants’ she placed her left
hand on Tony’s chin and turned his face
to her ‘lets handle this very well. Its a
very serious issue. If Maria doesnt learn
to get used to me before our wedding,
then she might never like me again. So i
want us to apply wisdom in this’
‘so what are you suggesting?’
‘i suggest we both sit her down and talk
to her. Lets know what her true feelings
are. Her fears. Why she resents me so
much. Why she doesnt want me to be
your wife. Why she is so against our
relationship. We have to find out and
not in a harsh way. Lets settle this
‘and what if it doesnt work?’
‘then i will talk to her myself. I know i
will be able to melt her heart. Maria is a
very nice girl, i know. She’s just afraid
that if i come into this family, you will
never pay her any attention again and
you are already confirming her fears.
Seeing how she takes good care of Felix
and loves having him around, she is not
a bad person. You cant imagine that
Felix was actually crying yesterday that
he wanted to stay with his big sister,
and she treats him like a kid brother!’
‘i’m not oblivios of that fact. Maria loves
Felix because….because….never mind
but Maria is just bieng wicked and
devilish for nothing sake!’
‘for her mother’s sake. She still believes
her mum is alive in her heart and i think
she feel pain knowing that very soon,
you will remarry and forget about her
‘i know Naomi, Alice, she loved me, she
wanted the best for me. She would be
sad knowing that i waited eleven long
years before i planned on remarrying.
She wouldnt have wanted me to mourn
her that long and i know she must be
happy wherever she is that i’m planning
to remarry so where the hell is Maria
getting the stupid ideas from, that her
mother would be sad that another
woman would be taking her place’
‘she told you that?’
‘yes she did. When i bought you that car
on your birthday’
‘you see what i was saying? You would
never blame her. She’s not all about you
forgetting her mum. She’s afraid she
might lose alot of your attention once
you marry again. And even if you still
give her attention, it will never be like
before when she was the only family
you had around’
‘why are you supporting Maria even
though you know that she’s wrong?’
‘she’s not wrong, one. And two, because
i understand her. I’ve tried putting
myself in her shoes and i can say i
understand whats she’s passing
through and two, i love her. She’s now
my daughter whether she likes it or not
and no mother gives up on her child no
matter what’ Alice said passionately

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