A second chance episode 133

A second chance episode 133

March 17, 2017 A second chance
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Maria frowned when she
entered her room and saw Tony and
Aice sitting on her bed. Alice wore a
friendly smile whie Tony’s face was
expressionless. She wanted t be rude
but knew it wont go well.
‘what are you guys doing here?’ she
‘Maria darling, morning. How was your
night?’ Alice asked.
‘horrible. All thanks to you!’
Alice smiled ‘you had a nightmare?’
‘yes. And you are my night mare!’
Alice smiled again ‘Maria, i wanted to
talk to….i mean your father and i
wanted to have a conversation with
‘i dont care! I dont even want to
converse with anyone now. Right now,
what i want is for everyone to go to hell
and burn to ashes for al i care. You
allshould just leave me alone!!’ Maria
said rudely.
Tony stood up and spoke for the first
time ‘Maria, we just need to talk to you.
Please just give us a listening ear at
least, today is Saturday so you…..’
‘dad, i dont want to talk to you
anymore,’ tears came to her eyes ‘i dont
want to even call you dad anymore.
You’ve hurt and betrayed me. You
betrayed my late mother. You are trying
to replace her with someone who is not
even worthy to take her place. Do you
even know what today is? Do you
remember what today is?’
Tony looked at her as if thinking what
that day was ‘what’s happening today?’
‘you are asking me? You are asking me
whats happening today? Did you even
love my mum at all? You dont even
remember that today is the day she died
eleven years ago!’
Tony raised a brow in surprise. It had
skipped his memory. ‘yes, now i
remember. So what do you want me to
do about it?’
‘eh? Dad! Have you forgotten that every
April 14th, we visit her grave with
flowers? Have you forgotten that too?’
‘that time has passed Maria. That era is
gone. We cant continue living like this,
its eleven years now. We should forget
about her. Lets move on. Lets forget…..’
Maria sobbed ‘i hate you! I hate you
dad, i hate you more than i’ve ever
hated anyone on my life. And you, Alice,
you’ve succeeded in tearing my dad and
i apart. You’ve finally succeeded. Its
okay, you might have won today but
tomorow, you wont win. I assure you
that, fools!’ and with that, she stormed
out of the room.
Tony grunted in exasperation and sat
on the bed ‘this was all your idea and
now, it has bought us insults’
‘i really didnt bargain for all this. I
thought Maria would be more
reasonable than this. Honestly, Tony, do
you think this marriage would work? Do
you think we can ever be happy with
this antagonist daughter of yours? Do
you think…..’
‘yes! We can be happy, with or without
‘hell no! We can never be happy without
‘we can. I’m planning to send her
abroad immediately after the wedding’


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