A second chance episode 138

A second chance episode 138

March 19, 2017 A second chance
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Gilbert’s phone rang in his pocket. He
looked at Amy who was concentrating
on the romance movie they were
watching. Then he stood up ‘excuse me
babe, i’ve got to take this’
Amy smiled her approval and turned
back to the movie.
He stepped outside, then picked the call
‘hello, Collins, how are things going?’
‘i plan going to the police station as
planned. So, where are you?’ Collins
‘just keeping busy. Anyways, just make
sure Tony or any d–n detective get
nothing from those b——s okay?’
‘sure dude. Okay, gotta go’ Collins said
and hung up.
Gilbert smiled, put his phone back in his
pocket before going back in.
Collins turned off the ignition, arrnged
his suit and his glasses, then took his
briefcase and stepped down from his
car. He got to the station and prayed no
one paid attention to him.
He saw three policemen by the counter,
muttered a quick prayer before going
close to them.
‘good afternoon my friends’ he said
smiling, but they were not smiling at all’
One of the police eyed him ‘so na you be
the investigator abi na detective wey we
dey wait for since?’
Collins frowned ‘pardon?’
‘abeg, come make we dey go. Na so una
go dey blow big big grammar. No be
you dem send come make you come
investigate those thieves wey go rob
Tony Brown house yesterday?’
Collins sighed inwardly. Luck was surely
on his side ‘yes its me’
‘na you con dey form as if nothing dey
happen?’ the policeman said stepping
out of the counter ‘make we go meet
Collins nodded and followed him in.
They took him to a room where he was
made to sit, while the policeman left and
came back later on with the guys. Mehn!
Their faces were horror. Naija police
‘na the he goats dem be this’ and with
that, the police left.
Collins wondered how the security
systen had become. Were they really
safe in this country? He just walked in
and the next thing, they thought him to
be an investigator sent from hell knows
where. Or did they think that all men on
suit were investigators? Well, it was luck
for him.
‘oga mi,’ one of the guys hailed, Collins
thought he saw hope in their eyes. Too
‘guys how far now? How it take sour?’
he asked.
The three guys sat on the floor ‘no be
small thing. The thing be like nigeria film
oo. Play, play, na we take enter, play play,
na police show and na play play we take
land for here so. But thank God sey you
don come. At least we don free. No be
small beating oo, and…….’
Collins coughed. He wasnt here for this.
He wanted to get this done and over
with before the real investigator shows
up and everything becomes exposed.
‘guys,’ he began ‘i’m very sorry for
everything you might have passed
through in a couple of hours. And i’m
also sorry for showing up late. Gilb……’
he wanted to call Gilbert’s name but
knew it might be dangerous. Hell knows
who might be eavesdropping ‘we were
trying to sought things out but relax,
you guys are free now’
‘heyy. Baba we hail you’ the guys were
happy. The torture was over. They stood
up ‘oya, make we dey go sharply, this
place don tire me’
Collins smiled and rubbed his hands
together. Then, he opened his briefcase
and brought out a food flask, opened it
and it was filled to the brim with jollof
rice and turkey. ‘guys chill, make una
chop first na. Abi una no dey hungry?’
‘na true oo. Hunger wan kill me. But no
problem, we go chop for motor’
‘no oo,’ Collins protested ‘where we dey
go na eh, we fit no get chance eat oo.
So make una dey eat. Meanwhile, why
the hurry? Chilax, the police don tell us
make we sleep here if we want sef’
The guys laughed ‘oya na. Make we dey
eat first, meanwhile, where we dey go?’
Collins laughed as the guys started
eating ‘make una no rush. Oga Gil….’ he
caught himself again ‘we don arrange
better for una. Better babes, better
The guys giggled in excitement. He
waited till the guys finished eating.
‘oya, make we dey go na’ the guys said.
He laughed ‘i dey come make i go sign
for outside, then i go bring una shirt
come’ he said as he stood up. He was
gonna leave his brefcase and food flask.
He wouldnt have done that if it was
America. But knowing Nigeria well, they
wont even know they have to do
fingerprint test….
‘okay na’ the guys said while giggling,
then he left and went outside.
‘na wetin dem talk?’ the police asked
‘you fit make dem confess?’
‘yes. They confessed that one miss Stella
Lawrence, Tony Brown’s ex girlfriend
sent them. It was actually an attempted
murder not armed robbery. I should
leave now’
‘wait first. Where that Stella dey?’
‘she’s currently in Ghana’ he said and
walked away briskly. As he got to his
car, he shook his head ‘stupid Nigeria
force’ They didnt even care to ask him
for more informations like how could
Stella arrange for assasins for Ghana. He
laughed and drove away. Mission


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