A second chance episode 140

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Alice frowned when she saw Amy by
the door. She wasnt expecting her and
with what happened at her place earlier
and coupled with the fact that she was
thinking of her own issue, she wasnt
happy seeing her.
‘what are you doing here?’ she asked
‘Alice, please listen to my own side of
the story nau, you cant just judge me
without listening to me first’ Amy said.
Alice sighed ‘okay, come in’
Amy smiled and entered ‘where is Felix
and your mum?’ she sat on a sofa.
‘my mum is in her room and Felix is
taking his siesta’ Alice said.
‘i’m all ears. Whats your own side of the
story? How did you even fall in love
with…with that…that thing…that brut…
that animal…that b—–d? When…Kelvin
is the man for you?’
‘Alice, you wont understand. I broke up
with Kelvin and you really dont know my
‘so you love Gilbert now? Dont you
know that that guy is still f—–g
obsessed with me? Amy whats wrong
with you?!’
Amy smiled ‘he’s gotten over you Alice,
i’m sure of that. You are past tense and
all he sees is me. And guess what Alice,
he’s so hot in bed. Kelvin can never be
compared to him when it comes to
bedroom matters’
Alice frowned in disgust ‘you’ve gone to
bed with him?’
‘of course! Afterall he’s my guy now.
And please, dont think i ever cheated on
Kelvin because i never did. I made sure i
ended things with him before making
out with Gilbert’
‘Amy, you are mad! You’ve made the
wrong decision and you will regret it, i
assure you!’
‘let that be my problem Alice, let me
worry about that. By the way, i’ve only
come to apologise for walking you out
of my apartment today. You and Kelvin
were really looking down on my fiance
and i dont like it. How would you feel if i
should start insulting your Tony in your
presence? It wont gladden your heart
nau or would it?’
Alice frowned ‘Amy, you are bigger and
better than this. You shouldnt have
done this. Why would you break up
with Kelvin? He is a good guy and he
loves you with all his heart!’
‘do you prefer i get married to a cheat?
A fraudster? A liar? Someone who beats
me everytime?’
‘and you would rather get married to a
‘Gilbert is not a beast! What on earth
has that guy even done to you sef?’
‘he tried to force himself on me! You
were there, you saw everything!’
‘well, it was a one time thing. It hasnt
happened again has it?’
‘Amy, you are making a huge mistake’
‘let me worry about that Alice, please. By
the way, how is your Tony and his
stubborn daughter?’
‘i really dont know what to do bro.
Maria hates Alice like hell, the mere sight
of Alice disgusts her’ Tony told Kenneth.
‘and what have you tried to do about
‘everything. I’ve practically begged Maria
before but it seems her heart is heavily
padlocked with hatred. She doesnt want
me to get married. She doesnt want me
to be happy at all’
‘thats not true. Maria loves you and you
know it’
‘then why the hell is she objecting to my
marriage with Alice? Why? Alice is
pregnant bro and we have to get
married before her stomach starts
Kenneth sniffed ‘na wa oo. What are we
goung to do now? This is serious
because if you get married to Alice
when Maria hasnt opened her heart to
her, there would be serious problem oo.
Maria might just end up poisoning her’
‘thats my point. Maria doesnt want me
happy and so, sh would never be happy’


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