A second chance episode 142

A second chance episode 142

March 22, 2017 A second chance
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Tony came down smiling as he
approached Alice. Giving her a peck on
the cheek, he noticed she was pale and
not happy. He had noticed that over the
phone as well.
‘honey, whats wrong? You dont look
happy to me’ he tried touching her
shoulders but she gently pushed it
away. He grimaced ‘really, whats wrong
now? What did i do wrong?’
‘lets go inside’ Alice said coldly. Tony
shrugged and they went inside.
Settling on the couch, Tony figured out
that something was terribly wrong
‘honey, will you tell me something?
‘what should i offer you?’ Alice asked.
‘nothing. Just tell me what i did wrong
now’ Tony said.
‘you didnt do anything wrong Tony. I
just wanted us to talk. Talk about alot of
things. Our relationship, our upcoming
wedding, our unborn baby, Maria. Alot’
Tony sighed.
‘there’s nothing to talk about babe.
Maria leaves for the united states
immediately……and our wedding holds’
Alice sniffed.
‘thats not what i mean Tony. Maria is
your daughter, how long do you plan
keeping her away?’
‘as long as…..as long as….as long as….i
dont…i dont know’
Alice sat down close to him ‘you see?
You are not even sure. Are you sure you
really want Maria to leave? Are you sure
you can chose me over your own
daughter? Your own blood?’
Tony looked away.
‘you love Maria, dont you? You want the
best for her and you dont want her out
of your sight right? She might be
naughty now, but she is still your
daughter. Your only child’
‘where are you heading to?’ Tony asked.
Alice stood up and looked away ‘i…i….’
Tony stood up too and stood behind
her, then gently caressed her shoulders
‘you are right. Maria is my only daughter
and i love her no matter what. No
matter anything, she means the world
to me. But yoy mean the world to me as
well Alice. I love you, believe me i truly
love you and i’m ready to do anything
for you. I…..’
Alice turned around swiftly ‘even if it
means sending away your own
‘stop it!’ she moved away ‘i cant do this
any longer. I cant. I quit’
‘you heard me Tony, i quit. I cant stand
this any longer. I dont want to be the
reason father and daughter be at
loggerheads with each other!’
‘what are you talking about?’
‘you dont understand? Well, i’m gonna
spell it out; i-quit! Its-over-between-us-
‘what? Is this some kind of joke or
‘well, does this look like a joke to you?’
‘what about…what about our unborn
‘i aborted it’
‘we need to forget about each other
Tony. Deal with your daughter, will you?
I just cant marry you Tony. I just cant.
Not when your daughter doesnt want
me, she doesnt like me. My life may be in
Tony laughed ‘oh please, dont make me
laugh too much Alice. Maria isnt capable
of anything, she cant hurt a fly!’
Alice walked to the door ‘i’m sorry but
my mind is made up Tony. You just have
to leave now and forget we ever shared
anything in the past. Its a good thing i
already aborted the baby. That way
nothing will ever connect us together’
Tony opened his mouth to speak but no
words came out. He was dumbfounded,
was this the Alice he knew or
‘how could you? How could you abort…
‘just shut up, will you!’ Alice snapped
‘and leave. I dont want to ever see you
again. And here is your car keys,’ she
threw the keys to him ‘take your car and
get out now!’
‘geez, Alice, what has come over you?’
‘you…..Tony, dont make this difficult for
us anymore. I dont love you anymore.
I’m not carrying your baby anymore and
i dont want to marry you anymore.’
‘are you crazy or something?’
‘uh-oh, so now you want to insult me.
You want to insult me now right? Its
enough, now get out now!’
‘Alice, i………’
‘shut up and get out!!!’
‘get out!!!’
Tony shook his head and walked out
Immediately, he shut the door behind
him, Alice fell to the floor as the tears
she had been trying to control fell from
her eyes.
‘its not true,’ she said to herself ‘i love
you with all my heart,’ she touched her
stomach ‘i will never abort this baby,
She crawled to the sofa and wept, wept


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