A second chance episode 16

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‘who is Alice?’ Tony asked
‘oh! She is my wonderful cousin’ Ansa
‘yes. She is coming with her son i guess.
Today is saturday right? No school’ Ansa
said sipping his red label.
‘where is her husband?’ Tony asked. It
was strange for him to ask such a
question, he knew.
Ansa shook his head ‘she’s got none’
Tony was about sipping his drink but
he dropped the cup
‘what? Then how come she has a son?’
‘well, its such a long and pathetic story.
Her fiance died a week to their
wedding. It was after his death, she
knew she was pregnant.’ Ansa narrated
‘wow! I can imagine how she felt’
‘really, i tried my possible best to
comfort her, but it was impossible. She
was miserable’
‘hmmm’ Tony sighed
‘i pity her but she must have gotten over
it by now. I mean she must have gotten
Ansa only chuckled ‘Alice doesnt want to
get married. We have all tried
convincing her all through. She isnt
giving it a second thought. We are tired.’
‘thats not good. She needs to remarry’
Ansa laughed ‘what about you? Are you
planning on marrying again?’
‘i am a man Ansa. She is a lady. There’s a
huge difference you know. I can choose
to get married anytime of my life and i
will see someone. But she’s a lady. And
time wont wait for her. By the way, how
old is she?’
‘she’s not that young again.’
‘forget about Alice, lets talk about you.
Who is the lady that you are currently?’
Ansa asked.
Tony looked up ‘none’
‘really? But you just broke up with one
‘not really. I havent dated since Naomi
passed away.’
Alice dressed up in a blue-green tight
gown which made her look sexy. She
applied a little make-up and she was
ready to go.
Felix was waiting patiently for his
mother. Felix was cute just like his
father and intelligent.
Alice and Felix left the house holding
hands and chatting like long lost
friends. If not for Felix’s age and size,
one would have thought they were in a
relationship. A black camry pulled up
before them. Gilbert came down and
rushed to where they were.
‘you again?’ Alice asked as the
memories of last time flashed through
her. She felt a great urge to slap him but
contained herself.
‘Alice, i was on my way to your house’
Gilbert said with a smile as he looked at
the curious eyes of Felix.
‘havent i told you never to come close to
me again? Stay away from me, jerk!’
Alice said angrily.
‘Alice, if it was about last time, i’m so
sorry. Forgive me, i lost my temper.’
‘to hell with you and your apology. Be
reminded that this is a public place and
my son is also here. Do you want to be
embarrassed?’ Alice said
‘i am so sorry Alice. You know i love you.
I never meant to hurt you’ Gilbert said
as he went on his knees not minding
the busy street. People walked past and
spoke in hush tones. Alice was
‘i am so sorry Alice. Pardon me’
Felix raised a brow. Alice was angry. She
didnt want this. She dragged Felix along
but Gilbert stopped her, dragging her to
his arms. Alice pushed him away, raising
her hands to slap but her hands
stopped midway.
‘Gilbert, what part of stay away from me,
dont you understand? For your
information, i am going on a date. I
wont let you spoil the moment. Leave
me alone!’
She walked away as briskly as she can,
boarded a taxi and drove away.
‘mother, who was that uncle?’ Felix
Alice forced a smile.
‘its no one. Forget about him.’
‘okay,where are we going to?’
‘its a surprise’
‘really, Tony you and Maria are
something else. I cant imagine that you
two dont want progress in your…….’.
Ansa’s phone rang and he picked it up
and after speaking for awhile, hung up.
‘Alice and her son is here.’

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