A second chance episode 2.

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She wasted no time in accepting his
Her mind played back to the day she
met Benjamin. She had disliked him that
day. She wanted to withdraw money
from the ATM to pay for the new dress
she saw in a boutique down the road.
The dress was so beautiful and she was
scared if she delayed the payment,
someone else might buy it.
Rushing into Skye bank that fateful
afternoon, she bumped into a stranger
who was obviously in a hurry.
‘hey watch it young lady, do not cause
accidents unnecessarily here’ the young
man said to her.
She looked at him from head to toe, he
was well dressed and wore a nice
cologne. His hair was well cut. He was
tall, fair in complexion, had pointed
nose and all. He was so handsome.
‘cant you say sorry? First you cause
accidents and you still cant say sorry.
Havent you seen a handsome guy like
me before?’ he said and she looked at
him in disgust. Who the hell does he
think he is to talk to her in such
‘you must be so arrogant, i tell you. Fine
sorry and whoever told you that you are
handsome huh?’ she said eyed him and
She was so pissed off. On getting to the
ATM machine, she regretted not
bantering enough words with him
before leaving.
She withdrew the money she was
supposed to withdraw and ran off to
the boutique, she bought the dress and
Two days later, she saw the same guy at
the supermarket.
‘hi, we meet again’ he said as their eyes
locked ‘do you remember me?’
She smiled scornfully at him
‘of course i do, how can i ever forget an
arrogant jerk like you’ she said
He smiled and shrugged ‘then we are
both alike because you are the most
arrogant woman i have ever seen all my
‘oh really? You must be mistaken
because i am not arrogant like you’ she
fired rudely. She immediately regretted
rudely saying such to him

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