A second chance episode 25

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Amy visited Alice later that day and Alice
wouldnt stop talking about Tony and
what happened between she, Tony and
Gilbert. Amy noticed a glow in her face
that wasnt there before.
‘girlfriend, are you sure you are not
crushing on this Mr. Tony Brown of
yours huh?’ she asked with a
mischievous look on her face.
‘Han han now, Amy why are you talking
like this. I was just gisting you but if you
dont want, i can change the subject’ she
said frowning
Amy laughed loudly.
‘lest i forget, Benjamin’s mum asked of
you’ she informed her.
Alice smiled and promised to visit them
later this week.
Amy soon left after informing her to be
careful of Gilbert and his mischief and to
try to get closer to Tony. Alice chided
Amy for being naughty but deep within
her, she really wanted to see Tony
again. She remembered she had his
contact, she was tempted to call but
Maria refused to have dinner with
Nneka. She insisted on waiting for her
dad to return. Nneka didnt bother
talking to her but the anger in her heart
was welling up. She felt like smacking
the living daylight out of Maria. She
invited Rhoda to join her on the table
which she did. They chatted like friends
and this made Maria angry. She was
supposed to be the one Nneka was
talking to not Rhoda.
‘Rhoda, what are you doing there? Have
you ironed my school uniform? Is my
bag arranged? And what about my
shoe, is it polished huh?’ she asked.
Nneka eyed her angrily.
‘i’ve done all that Maria’ Rhoda replied.
‘go to my room, you will see a novel on
the bed, bring it for me’ Maria
commanded. Just as Rhoda was about
to comply, Nneka barked at Maria.
‘what stops you from going to get it
yourself? Maria you are becoming more
and more arrogant oooooo’ Nneka said
‘grandma, she is our househelp. If she
doesnt do such things, who now will?’
Maria asked.
Nneka told Rhoda not to move an inch.
‘Rhoda, grandma wont stay here
forever. She will leave and if you dont go
to my room this instant and get me the
novel. I will make you beg on the
streets!’ Maria said.
Rhoda began to fret. She knew Maria
could do anything she wanted.
‘are you God to make her beg on the
streets? Can you decide her future for
her? Or do you think she will remain a
slave to you forever?’ Nneka barked.
Maria looked at Nneka with fiery eyes.
She had always loved and cherished
Nneka but now she hated her more
thatn anything in the world.
‘what kind of a mother are you? Why do
you want another lady to take your
daughter’s place? Are you a witch?’
Maria asked
Those words hit Nneka like a tornado.
She rushed to Maria and pounced on
her. With the aggressiveness she put in
it, if not for the daily intervention of
Rhoda, only God knows what would
have happened to Maria.
Nneka ran into her room and locked the
door behind her. The look on her eyes
was deadly……….
To be continued

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